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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: This company phones victims of previous scams and offers to help them. They take out a loan (10 - 50k) with the bank, using their own funds, trade on it themselves and then offer you to take over the loan if you want to. No up-front fees, no obligations. Sounds great, you see the trades being taken, your account growing (my 10k account grew over 13% within a couple of days) and after a while they phone you again to ask whether you want to take over the loan or not. In other words, send them 10k and of course keep the profits.

The trouble is, when you ask them for some document as proof of this loan, they say No, that's not possible (bank confidentiality etc.) You also have no proof that this isn't simply a binary options account simulation. They say on their home page that they're registered with St Vincent and the Grenadines, but the regulating body Svgfsa confirmed in their e-mail to me that "A search of our register did not reveal any entity with the name MCInvestments".

So all I can say is: this mciinvestments is a very shady business - people must be warned !

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by maduet on 10/15/17

The company was first contacted about the issue on 10/09/17 the last contact was on 10/17/17

Details: Dear Mr Nicholson

I am sorry to hear that you do not believe that your account and the profits that were generated in it, through hard work i may add, are not real.

As for the information you requested, you are correct about the fact that we do have the documentation in regards to the loan, yet i will not be forwarding it to you, i had made a request in the matter yet these are classified internal documents and i am not allowed to hand them over to clients due to the additional information they contain beside the loan amount ( interest rates, payment methods for MCI and other internal information).

If you do not believe the profit you made is real, click on my account and my trades and review all the trades in the account, compare them to the market and you will see hard cold proof, black on white that we know how to make profit in the financial market, and once that is established than what reason would a company that obviously knows how to trade is going to have for not actually trading in the market.

I apologies for not being able to accommodate your irregular request but we have rules in here that i cannot brake.

We have not started working together and at the beginning as i told you, you are not bound to cover the loan at the end of the program if you do not want to continue.

To conclude, pending the fact you do want to continue you will not be taking over the loan but covering for it yourself and become the owner of the funds in the account including the profit, and from there we continue to recover your money.

If you dont want to continue simply tell me so and i will close the account, there are a lot of people out there that require our help and enough work to be done.

Also, if you fill that you have been harmed in any way, fill free to contact what ever entities you see fit, and our costumer support as well, you can contact them at:

Wishing you all the best,

Company representatives' emails: Laurence Hertz <>



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Thanks for all the work investigating this. Please go ahead and post all the emails and claims in both this thread and your Scam Alerts threads.

I'm issuing the formal FPA invitation now. Please post updates of any further contact with MCI Investments.
Thanks for all the work investigating this. Please go ahead and post all the emails and claims in both this thread and your Scam Alerts threads.

I'm issuing the formal FPA invitation now. Please post updates of any further contact with MCI Investments.
Thanks AsstModerator !
Here's a document I received from mciinvestments, when I requested proof of the bank loan. It may look very professional, but there's no mention or proof of any bank whatsoever. It's simply a document they concocted themselves...


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And they didn't even mention the bank name.

I'm moving this to Open Cases. The voting starts next week Since this looks like a probable recovery room scam, unless the company can come up with convincing evidence to back up the existence of these loans, a guilty vote will result in an immediate Scam label.
I am not sure that I understand the whole case. Did you actually give them any of your own money?
GUILTY! This is of course the stage 2 of fleecing victims who have been scammed already. Of course the money is not real! If you were foolish enough to send them the 10K that would be the last you ever see of it. Your account may well continue to show attractive profit on paper but as the whole thing is fake it is meaningless. The only REAL money involved in this is your own and if you send it to them it becomes theirs .... forever!!!
A binary broker claims banks will give unsecured loans for trading. Call your bank and ask if they'll give you an unsecured loan to trade very conservatively on a well-regulated stock exchange. Use a stop watch to time how long they laugh.

The binary broker claims they can get the loans and then somehow transfer them to you (for a fee) once they've "proven" their profitability on their easily rigged platform. Since binary brokers have no LPs, what this means is that any winnings come out of their pockets. Would anyone here trust a casino where employees promised to help gamblers place successful bets to the gamblers could make large profits? How about if the casino promised to secure bank loans to gamble, prove the gambling "account managers" could make a profit, and then sell the accounts to the gamblers?

The broker is incapable of showing any real evidence the loans exist.

The MCi Investments home page talks about recovering from previous losses by getting loans. This is a whole new breed of recovery room scam.

Maduet deserves a medal for all his work uncovering this scam.
Wow! Indeed scammers are getting more creative with their ways of stealing clients money. If truly the whole concept of taking loan to trade for clients (which is ridiculous by the way) is true,what is in it for the bucket shops turned broker or are they charitable organisation? It takes a greedy investor to fall into this kind of scheme, RISK FREE TRADING INDEED! Indeed if it too good to be true, it is definitely not true!!!