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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: Everything is pretty much explained in the thread, where I thought I had to explain the whole thing. In a nutshell: They make me register, rush to create my account, make many promises about providing signals and such, but then after registering, they call less and less until they don't call at all. Customer service doesn't care to respond at all, except when I call their UK phone number, in which I always get a "I will ask your account manager to get in contact with you". They are also ignoring my withdraw requests.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Silvemau on 01/03/18

The company was first contacted about the issue on 09/08/17 the last contact was on 12/19/17

Details: "I will ask your account manager to contact you"

Company representatives' emails: Mia Rivera <>
Amanda Gómez <>
Enrique Ortegas <>
Support <>



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Posting remaining evidence screencaps.


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TradesPrime has been invited to read the thread I posted, as requested by FxMaster.


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I've just approved your review. Let's give TradesPrime until Thursday to respond to your invitation. Please post an update then to let me know if you've heard anything new from them or not.
As requested, I am posting here to inform TradesPrime hasn't replied yet, but it is Thursday already.
Thanks for the update. I've just emailed the formal FPA invitation. Please post another update on Thursday the 17th to let me know if they've contacted you or if there has been any other sign of progress. If not, then this can move to Open Cases.
Have you received any reply yet? It's past Thursday now, and I haven't been contacted yet by TradesPrime.
I think you can vote. This is typical scam behaviour, have got your money and will prevent you from getting it back - it's their business plan, the same business plan as all the other scamming so-called 'Brokers'. If you funded your account using a Credit or Debit card then contact your bank and file a chargeback claim stating "services promised were not provided", it's probably the only way you will get your money back. As to any 'profits' you thought you made, you probably will not get them either as they were most likely not real - just numbers entered in your account. ..... Guilty!