GUILTY Case# 2018-020 | Bollebeertje vs

Based on the available evidence, do you believe is guilty?

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Bollebeertje has been carefully investigated and found guilty of making profits that his broker is unwilling to pay. ;)
here we are ahain with the "Pump and Dump"..considering the market capitalization of the traded cryptocurrencies how can 12000,00 $ pump the market or even move it of 1 thick ans so would not move it even with 300000$.... other word
happy for you to get back your deposit. Something went wrong with their Market Maker strategy traing to make you loose all your money.........instead you won a lot of money and they are now traing all the reason not to pay back ..

Agree. He must have caught them on the wrong footing with the winnings. And now they can't live with the thought of having to pay out that kind of 'harvest'.
I too am happy for you having gotten back your full deposit. WOW..! Such a rarity...
Thank you every one for their vote. Including the vote for not being guilty!

I have not heard anything from yet. Today is exactly three months ago when I filed the complaint. According to CySEC rules they have to come up with a conclusion before the end of this date.

I've been very patient with this case, since I believe they will pay me in full.

However, if they fail to respond within legal time, it's time for me to step up the process... I'll keep you posted.

Thank you.
It didn’t help...

El 29 mar 2018, a las 11:11, Despina Sfiktou <> escribió:
Dear Sir,

Following our email dated 11th February 2018, we would like to provide you with our final decision based in our investigation.

Kindly note that the Company is in the opinion, as we already mentioned, that all the transactions in your account were part of “pump and dump” co-ordination and therefore all profits are null and void.

Finally we would like to draw your attention to the Circular 244 of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, which refers to the trading in virtual currencies, in accordance with the Circular , there is no specific EU regulatory framework governing the trading in such products. Trading in CFDs cryptocurrencies is not covered by MiFID, and therefore falls outside the scope of the Company’s MiFID regulated activities. In this respect please refer to our internal policy in relation to trading in CFDs in cryptocurrencies for more information .

Kind Regards,

Despina Sfiktou|Legal and Compliance Advisor