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Private, 1st Class
Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I've sent the withdrawal request on 11 Mar 2018 (Sunday). My balance was 31326.9 EUR, no open positions, I wanted to withdraw 8500EUR which was my original deposit. On Monday the angry guy from TradeU2 called me on Skype asking to cancel it. He was giving plenty of deceptive reasons. I said if I don't see my money till the end of the week, I'm reporting them to court. Then I've received e-mail from the support (which I believe it's the same person) that they want me to talk about "Swiss" procedures (which I believe offices in Zurich are fake, they've nothing to do with Switzerland, apart they're using Swiss VoIP numbers). Some lady with Indian accent told me she's calling regarding my withdrawal, then redirected me to another person who claimed to be CEO or something of the company, explain his life story, asked for my family and children, then he was shocked that I've found withdrawal form on their website, put me on hold, they've removed that file from the server and told me they're going to sue them. He told me he cannot process withdrawal and ask me to cancel it. After that, they say it's not possible to withdraw, without burning all my profits. When I clearly said no, he said they will lock my account then. They've locked my account and tried to burn my profits, despite I was saying no. I've changed the password, but they've hacked another day and burned my balance of $31k within few minutes (I've got the screenshots). That's why I believe their server was a fake one.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by kenorb on 03/15/18

The company was first contacted about the issue on 03/01/18 the last contact was on 03/11/18

Details: They told me that withdrawal is not possible (despite I had no position opened), and the only way is to burn all my profits first, which I didn't agree.

They've managed to do it at the end and told me:
"Rafal, I am very sorry to tell you that the account now is empty because of a fast rapid Bitcoin movement as a result of release data from US. There was nothing we could do about it."
"the money was lost in the market and it happens the sometimes you win sometimes you lost. i am going to cut you off from skype because you are very rude and disrespectful"

And they locked me down.

His contact:
Anthony White, Skype ID: live:a.white_37
Their number which they were calling: 0041415880218

Company representatives' emails: Tony Sander <>
Robert Gallo <>
Support Tradeu2 <>



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Private, 1st Class
TradeU2 is directly connected with these two other scam companies:
- 2dots Limited (
- TMI Holding Limited (
- SUN Capital LTD, it's on their website (could be registered somewhere in Grenadines)
Evidence that TopicMarket is the same as TradeU2 is that I've found TopicMarkets withdrawal form on their website, the link was missing from the terms condition, but I still found it. It's also mentioned on the audio recordings. Initially, they were arguing it's not them (at the end, I didn't care), but later they said they're going to sue them, which doesn't make sense, as the file was on their website. Then they've removed that withdrawal form after I've spoken to them, and also removed the whole (make it blank), later on, they've switched it back, when I told there is a Wayback Machine anyway.
As another evidence, I'm attaching the withdrawal form which I've found at, but they've removed it.

Evidence for connection with 2dots Limited is this file:
Both companies were registered at, but I've checked the register search at, and their license is already gone. TradeU2 is just non-existing, and they're hiding behind these two companies.
Another evidence of connection is that topicmarkets4setup.exe, 2dots4setup.exe and suncapital4setup.exe are pointing to the save live server (IP:, on the same leaseweb website where they're using webmail for accessing their mails.


Private, 1st Class
TradeU2 is also part of the bigger scam network, this can be easily checked as all of these websites are using the same Web Terminal at developed in India by 'NScript Web Studios Pvt Ltd' company, they're also directly cooperating with these scammers, as the e-mail are sent via this company, also they're registering all the domains for them as the registrar of all of these domains is the e-mail to director of NScript (Naveen Margan -
I'm attaching the evidence.
Here is list of domains he owns:✓&q=nav3m&type=
On the other, his details are hidden.
Here is the list of domains which are using web terminal server from India: (I'm attaching as evidence, if you'd like to verify this on your self).


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Private, 1st Class
Here, I'm attaching the evidence that e-mails from TradeU2 were sent from Indian company at (exactly the same server).
The domain has address IP: (this can be checked by 'host' command).
I've received two automated e-mails from TradeU2 which got the same address.
./2018.01.29 at 1421.txt:Received: from ( [])
./2018.01.29 at 1446.txt:Received: from ( [])


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I've just issued the formal FPA invitation. Please post an update on Wednesday the 28th to let me know if you've heard back from them or not.


Private, 1st Class
1. As soon I've learned they're the scam company, I've sent the online withdrawal request on 11th March 2018 on their website. Since they didn't have withdrawal form on their own (which they've confirmed later on over the phone), I've created one for them just to follow their terms as I was sure they'll make further troubles. I've also mentioned in my withdrawal request e-mail that 'this is my final decision' and that I expect funds to be received within 2-5 working days according to their own rules.
2. Next day, on Monday, 12th March 2018, in the morning, Anthony called on Skype "shocked" that I did withdrawal without consulting with him. He was very disappointed. After pushing him to progress my request, he was not very keen on this and said he's going to check what he can do.
3. Later on, I did actually found the withdrawal form which was hosted on their website, however, it had details (it was clearly on their website, later removed after I've told them about this, as they were "shocked" and screaming over the phone they've nothing to do with this company). But anyway, I've sent them this form as well.
4. I've received the e-mail confirming my withdrawal request, informing that all my profits would be lost after withdrawing my initial deposit, and asking for the reason for my decision.
5. After I've confirmed my decision again and pushed forward, they wanted to have another phone call regarding "Swiss" procedures.
6. Later on, boss of Anthony, Henry Pontone, Chef Fund Manager (I believe he made it up as he was later struggling to make his talk consistent, whether he's CFM or CTO) called me from "Switzerland", to discuss my withdrawal. He said they're not making any problems with withdrawal, but at the same time, he was doing everything to not make this happen. He told me that the withdrawal is not possible, because they cannot justify the profits, so they want me to cancel the withdrawal request till next week and wait till they burn all the profits. After I did not agree and pushed further with the withdrawal, after an hour of arguing, he told me that there is no other way other than burning all my profits. When I did not agree to touch my account during withdrawal process, he just told me that he is going to suspend my account for now on and he hung.
7. After the phone, I've received the e-mail that my password has been changed. So basically they've locked me out from my own account with no further contact.
8. Next day, Anthony blocked me on Skype, saying he's going cut me off for disrespectful reasons and that our business is finished.
Since then, I've not heard from this company again. All the contacts just disappeared.
Additional Information
Skype showed me their IP addresses, so I was able to track these people to Tirana, Albania which is their real location, and this is very consistent with people behind TopFX24 as well as per this thread.
I've also found 2 other companies behind Sun Capital LTD, directly related, which is: "2dots Limited" and "TMI Holding Ltd". They can be found on Licensees-List-update-March-2018.pdf, 2dots license expiring on 24th April 2018, but I believe their license is already revoked, as Register Search does not show any results related to these companies. The connection between these companies and associated is very clear, as all their MetaTrader 4 software points to exactly the same IP addresses.
I have tried to report these companies and their scam servers at Service Desk at MQL5 (to ban them from listing from the official MT4 app), instead, my MQL5 account has been banned next day without any reason, so that could only mean that MQL5 Ltd may support them, as they did not take any actions, and they basically do not care.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I'm glad you came back. I was about to dismiss this case as Abandoned.

There are already 4 cases due to go to a vote next week. I'll move this to Open cases on Tuesday or Wednesday next week so it can go to a vote the following week.

Don Jerzzy

Its very unfortunate that people only do proper due diligence when they have been scammed. See how deep your research is when they are not responding.

If you have done all these before you deposit your hard earned money into their platform, you would have saved yourself a lots of issue.

I hope they will get them behind bar soon.



Well done on all the research you have completed, it clearly shows this to be a fraudulent scamming outfit! Your money was lost the day you transferred it into your trading account, from then onward it was just a number in your account but the money was in their own accounts. This is a typical boiler-room scam. If they are claiming to legally provide their service to you in your country, they must have a licence to do so, if they don't it is an illegal operation. Either way I would report this organisation to you national 'Fraud Prevention Authority' and get a reference number for the complaint.
You have joined the list of tens of thousands of people that have been scammed in this way, the vast majority have just given up and blamed themselves for being so stupid or put their losses down to their own bad trading choices. This is what the scammers hope for, and if you keep up the pressure they just ignore all your communications.
Take a look at this article about the EU banning these fraudsters here
Good luck, these bandits are GUILTY.