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Dana Shakirova

Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: Trade12 LLC Exo Capital markets LTD is a scam company, that gave me the broker Nikita Yanovsky, who worked for company’s interests and all the time we worked required from me investing.There have been only 4 deals on Apple that I could cover with my deposit 10100 USD, that’s all. Other good things were over of my balance. Nikita Yanovsky, who presented himself like this to me, made booking of Dropbox’s shares, he just ignored my many times rejections, my unreadyness for that deal, my words there’s nothing to invest, even I said I could make cash in only in summer. He ignored everything and hang his booking on me, saying me I have obligations before the bank and sending me a contract for 500 lots to be worked in 2 months. The scheme is 1 lot= 100 USD closing deal by take profit. It means I had to work out 50 000 USD on 500 lots. Imagine yourself, is it ever possible for beginning trader?? As well there was a paragraph saying that me as a client might withdraw only 30% of profit only in a month if compliance dept gave its visa, you know. This is just dead end. Nothing else. Of course I didn’t sign this contract and it’s been expired. Then Trade12 LLC Exo Capital markets LTD didn’t approve me a withdrawal, saying that I have a contract liquidity provider, for what I said, it was not even signed by everyone of us, then Trade12 LLC Exo Capital markets LTD claimed on shares booking and sent me a 46 second lasting telephone call record where my words are cut, by the way, that call lasted for 25 minutes and 51 second. Where I stated clearly and accessibly that I'm not ready for that deal. There's nothing to invest right now. Don’t book anything, I’ll let you know by texting for myself. Give me time for searching. I was calling Trade12 LLC Exo Capital markets LTD for a long time to give me the full version of telephone call record lasting 25 minutes and 51 second and to see situation into and prove if I’m not right. However, I didn’t get it from them. They're just not interested in resolving this issue. Now Trade12 LLC Exo Capital markets LTD have already nulled my trade account. I'm calling you up to assist and understand what's the problem from the start.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by TRADE12 is a scam company, I can’t withdraw just deposit on 04/26/18

The company was first contacted about the issue on 05/02/18 the last contact was on 06/03/18

Details: Trade12 LLC Exo Capital markets LTD kept saying that it’s my booking, and commission would be charged from my trade account if I didn’t agree to sign that contract for 500 lots working out. I had got telephone calls from brokers to sign the contract, but my point of view regarding this contract was the same and I explained it to them for many times. I asked to give a telephone call full record between me and Nikita Yanovsky that was on 22.03.2018 at 20:29 by Astana time and lasted for for 25 minutes and 51 second. I called them to see this together online listening that call and be objective, but didn’t get it from them. And they have nulled my account today on 4th of June without any grounds.

Company representatives' emails: nikita yanovsky <>,
support-ru <>,
support <>,
concerns <>,
compliance <>,



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I've just posted something in your Scam Alerts thread. Please follow the instructions there.
They replied that my account was nulled and I can’t do any requests both for withdrawal and revision of my case by them.
I'm sending the formal FPA invitation now. Please post an update here on Tuesday, June 26th to let me know if they responded or not.
Hi everyone! Trade12 replied on 20.06.2018 that earlier there was an investigation regarding my case and they found out that I didn’t fulfill obligations on my trade account. That is not new for me, as they’ve been writing me like this all the time. For what I’ve been saying that it was a rude mistake of their specialist Nikita Yanovsky, who booked shares despite the fact I didn’t have the necessary amount 13600$ to cash in. And my request to provide me that telephone conversation lasting almost 26 minutes concerning this case is being ignored by them.
The broker in his turn suggested to make investment for what they’ll give 100% bonus and provide me a new specialist for cooperation. I replied that I have no funds for investment and as well I’m not confident in further safety of money.
I asked a representative of Trade12 LLC to call me and have a talk but since now nobody calls.
If they'd come to the discussion thread to discuss this, I might have put this off. Since all they did was repeat a previous answer which you have disputed, I'm not moving this to Open Cases.

If there is no progress by the end of the week, this goes to a vote next week.
Why is there two times $9900 in your account? You deposited $10100?

Nice of them to make you about $100 anyway, looking at the account details in Meta trader.

In what country are you? Are you woman, so this plays a role?
Why is there two times $9900 in your account? You deposited $10100?

Nice of them to make you about $100 anyway, looking at the account details in Meta trader.

In what country are you? Are you woman, so this plays a role?

I deposited 10100$. 200$ was my first withdrawal by which I checked how it works. 9900$ the remaining amount. I’m from Kazakhstan and yes I’m a woman.