GUILTY Case# 2018-098 | Baron vs

Based on the available evidence, do you believe is guilty?

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2nd Lieutenant
So is 'the services not provided' the right mastercard reasoning or something else could still work?

The right chargeback reason code should be THE MERCHANT IS A CRIMINAL but strangely neither visa or master card provide these……hum ( eventually they may fine them, making some extra money
could well involve wrong doing of your own Bank, report it were ever you can

btw, what info’s show on your Credit/Depit card bill

a quick look into Bulgarian expertise, what you get for 220 bugs, plus a merchant account and you are ready to rob the world, for sure one may sell any kind of poison, as long as all make some percent of revenue…


btw, what info’s show on your Credit/Depit card bill
The account statement only shows the following:
FTO Capital Sofia BGR, authorization code, currency, the sum. Nothing more specific about the receiver or the funds