GUILTY Case# 2018-102 | philipmonster vs

Based on the available evidence, do you believe that is Guilty?

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Yes looks guilty to me also is a scam crypto broker to stay away from they do the same thing as this crowd guy called dominic robin savi is a no good scammer


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Is writing posting comments on here really any good? My wife and I have been scammed over £120,000 and there is absolutely NO avenue to recover our funds.... as far as I can see, is it any wonder these scammers are setting up new fraudulent companies everyday because they are getting away with it? if anyone can direct me to a legitimate solicitor that has Recovered real money from any of these scumbags please feel free to help because I have read nothing but people scraping around looking for help on here with no tangible Help in return!!!

I hope they rot in hell!

You need to submit your own independent scam alerts thread. One for each of the companies you are complaining against (unless you suspect they are the same people running multiple websites).

Be extra careful of recovery room scammers also. When emotions are high, it is particularly easy to succumb to these types of tricks.

Yes it is worthwhile posting here as the more comments posted, the more apparent it becomes that these websites are just plain fraudulent money grabbing scams. Those seeking information on the genuine validity of a website company they are thinking of placing money with, and search the web for that information, will find these references in the FPA and hopefully be forewarned and NOT hand over their money. So in a sense money has been 'recovered' before it was lost!
If you are looking for a legal route to recover lost funds I can only advise that it will be a long, expensive and arduous journey taking several years to collect enough data (before the scammers close shop) for a court to convict and then you have the task of enforcing the convicted scammers to hand over any money awarded by the court as compensation. Also, which court and in which country? Which rules do you follow and where are the lines of jurisdiction?
I know that having money stolen by these bandits is a physical shock and deeply sickening. Far better to warn others NOT to "Invest" in the first place by contributing your experience here. We have all been scammed and lost money so lets try and help prevent others from doing the same.

Well said.