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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I was contacted by telephone by Jimmy Lee from Greenfields Capital, I wanted to make a modest investment $500, only what I could afford to lose. Immediately I was overtaken by Jimmy. He said he'd talk me through it all that was what he was there for ... but that he had just done some big trades that I could piggyback on. And how much was the limit to my credit card, I was not happy to do that. I actually told him that as I was disabled and housebound and that my epilepsy was so bad and I was so heavily medicated he would be better off spending his efforts on someone else.
He got me to download 'Any desk' onto my laptop and made all the trades for me. There were a few wins but then they just lost one after the other. I had begged him not to make the trades because I could see he was doing the opposite to what was being forecast. I logged on myself and made a couple of short trades to try an recoup a bit of my losses. by 26th January all the money had gone $10600! I sent phoned no answer, emailed no answer. I emailed asking my account be closed and that the money put back onto my account. On 13th July I logged back on to Greenfields Capital, which has changed it's website to GFC Investment and my account is still up and running. And at some point there was $17356.10 in it!! Then $99 per month dormant fee is charged and then the exact amounts I invested are listed as chargebacks. The only trouble is that my bank HSBC told me on 13th July that the chargeback claim was not upheld and took the money back from my credit card that they had credited me. I contacted GFC Investment asking about this chargeback shown on my account and they say that as the complaint has been finalised I must get in touch with my bank. My bank are reinvestigating.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by asp29 on 07/18/18

The company was first contacted about the issue on 01/30/18 the last contact was on 07/23/18

Details: Dear Annette,

Please note that our company is not regulated and it is stated on our website and also the systems indicate that you have initiated and/or finalized a transaction dispute process. For any further information related to your funds please contact your issuing bank.

Kind regards,
Support Team


Company representatives' emails: compliance <>



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The website has changed slightly and is now GFC Investment although they still receive all the mail that goes to Greenfields Capital email addresses, because they have recently started answering me!
Each time I am directed back to my bank though as the process was finalised as far as they were concerned. HOWEVER, with chargebacks reading on my account statement of my GFC Investment account to the value of my original investments I didn't think it unusual to write and ask when they were planning on putting the money back onto my card.

Subject:Settle My Claim
Date:23 July 2018 at 13:01:49 BST
To:Compliance GreenFields Capital <>

Dear Compliance,
I am writing this letter in hope that you settle my claim before I take it further.
Are you regulated in Estonia by Finantsinspektsioon (Financial Supervisory Authority)? I am planning on contacting them detailing, with attached evidence your malpractice. I understood from Jimmy Lee each time we spoke that our telephone conversations were being recorded. I am more than certain that the FSA would be interested in hearing them and also reading the correspondence. I would also like to ask the Finantsinspektsioon if it is customary that brokers use ‘Any Desk’ and takeover client’s computers to make the trades, even when the client tells them to stop. And do bonafide brokers ask you to split screen and put your bank account up ?! If my account states that you have made ‘ chargebacks’ totalling my original investment ($10500.00) then I would very much appreciate it it you would ACTUALLY put the money back into my account . I wrote (22-07-2018) and was referred back to my bank, however this does not answer my questions, explain your actions, or resolve the situation.
I expect a prompt response to this email.
Yours sincerely,

They say that they can change their Ts&Cs anytime and they have with the website change that is why `i printed out No.6;

" The liability of the Company in regard to compensation experienced by the Client is limited to direct damages that can be proven by the Client in a last judgment up to a maximum that amounts to the funds deposited by the Client into his or her account. "


    • Taken from the Terms & Conditions of Greenfields Capital.
    • 5. Risk Disclosure:
  • The services provided by the Company are only available for Clients that have sufficient knowledge and experience in financial matters. Clients must be able to evaluate the risks and merits of trading through this Site without relying on information on this Site. The Client is solely responsible for any decisions made on the Site or any decisions made using the information on the Site.
My account manager should not have let this get beyond a brief conversation before realising that I didn't fit the Ts&Cs.
From the offset I told him I was unsure.... heavily medicated and disabled........

To: Jimmy Lee 11th January 2018
at 1155
"Hi Jimmy
I am so sorry for not being available to take a call from you this morning.
I am not particularly sure that I am in good enough health at the moment to concentrate the slightest on anything, other than trying to stay upright. My seizures are quite frequent and I cannot maintain long calls or focus my mind . Sorry.

Jimmy Lee, if that was his real name, preyed on my vulnerability.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
Since they aren't cooperating with you and also ignored invitations to come and join your discussion thread in Scam Alerts, I'm moving this to Open Cases. If there's no progress by the end of the week, the voting can begin next week.


Thank you. Of course I will keep you updated if I am contacted personally and the situation changes.


Greenfields Capital are complete crooks. People like this should be held accountable for their actions!!!!!