Guppy MMAs


Has anyone else tried Guppy Multiple Moving Averages? If so, which pairs and time frames do you use? Do you use any other indicators or just the Guppy MMAs?

For those of you who don't know what this is, place these moving averages on your chart:

Short EMAs (Blue)
3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15

Long EMAs (Red)
30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60

There are many variations, but I believe these are the basic starting point. I'll know for sure when my copy of Guppy's Trend Trading arrives in a couple of weeks.

People have used these on anything from tic charts to monthly charts. Personally, I've been playing with them on 4 hour charts for a couple of weeks now. I'm still learning, and have crashed and burned a few trades, but have also scored 200 pips on a trade that lasted 3 days. Now if only I can get the winners to outweigh the losers.

If nothing else, my charts are pretty to look at, even if my profits aren't.


Guppy Template

If you want to see this, but don't feel like adding all those EMAs manually, I've saved my Guppy settings as a template for MT4.

Now let's see if I can make this attachment thing work. :nerd:


I tried it for a long time when I first started trading. It found some great entries but I ended up losing more then I made.

I have slowly come to realize over the years that trading based on technical analysis alone (such as Guppy) is not profitable.

If you combine Guppy with some fundementals and trade only with the long term trend then it might be profitable.


Awareness of fundamentals is definitely important. I had a beautiful 60 pip profit slam downward through a -120 pip stoploss on a non-USD pair when the last interest rate came out as expected. I wonder what would have happened if the announcement had been a huge surprise.

Big news announcements are like random artillery fire to technical trading. You just never know if one is about to kill you or not.

Assuming I can avoid the raining death of fundamentals, does anyone have any ideas of some good "Guppy Filters" for my fishtank?