H.T. - Manager of Secured and Inside Option Scams


Suspicious Person
Her aliases include: Jennifer Richards of SecuredOptions and Emily Hansen of InsideOption

Bank account: Benleumi 193-XXXX DOB: XX.XX.19XX Phone: 972-54-3XXXXXX Last known residence: EXXX GXXXX XX Tel-Aviv
Eliran Saada - main owner of inside option and secured option


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The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist...chase these frauds.


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Emir Yedibaslar is "michael johnson" in the secured options business plan


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Founders: Emir Yedibaslar AKA Jordan Vogel of OptionChase and Eliran Saada Aka Roberto Moreno

Top management
1) CEO is Eliran Eliyahu Saada AKA Roberto Moreno of SecuredOptions AKA Roberto Parker at InsideOption
DOB: 25.04.1979
Phone: 972-52-6543217
Bank account: Mizrahi 427-399516
Last known residence: Prof Yuval Neeman St
Home: 13
Apartment: 18
Family residence: Avraham Belsberg 56 Ashkelon Apartment 10
Parents: Victor and Shula
Siblings who work with him: Hila Saada, Ido Saada, Marsel Saada

2) Head of Sales is Jonathan Baker AKA James Bennet
DOB: 28.06.1976
Bank account: Mizrahi 529-127221
Phone: 972-52-4656960

These people have YOUR money!
Look at the numbers in the business plan. Average deposit is $1800 and they assume average withdrawals will be 20% of deposits. It's insanely profitable without blocking legitimate withdrawals, manipulating clients into losing money, manipulating clients into depositing more, etc. Still, 99.9% of binary companies are nothing but a mix of scam and evil.

Tryng to withdraw from the 23 of december.. nobody's home if you want your money..

So the registration in bulgaria from secured options is an empty entity..
They are form Israel, somebody have some friends @ the mossad ?

Why if they are so evil, all the CC companies are working with them ??