happy fx

as anyone checked out happyfx lately
i brought them up once before and no one has done anything
they have all 5 star ratings
but there website is a cheap garbage site from another country
on their website they claim to make 1000,s of pips with no losing trades for 2 years.
their is a 5 star rating on his profile that states the person made 1500 pips in one day.,which is almost impossible unless the person is counting multiple lots.
there is a guy on the yahoo message board who wrote this :

I had a horrible experience being a member of happy traders fx this is my review and rating, I wasted 2 month worth of time and $400 dollars in member subscription fees. I had seen some reviews about how great it was, well it’s NOT and the service is run by a lot of amateurs. And my $13,000 forex trading account was reduced to about $4,000 they kept telling to stay a member of happy traders FX and I decided to subscript to a second month thinking maybe things will turn around but it NEVER HAPPENED instead I followed the live calls in the room and lost even more money. And the results that are posted on their site are fake and un achievable. So im looking for any addition reviews about happytradersfx and wonder if any other traders think this is a scam that needs to be stopped. Also if you can recommend me another forex trading group that maybe is free or has a really good trading system with a good solid track record please post it! Thank you. Because my online forex trading account is in bad shape...

but i havent been able to get in touch with this person

happy fx should be checked out in much more detail.
i think his website is a total lie and the posters on his profile on FPA are all fake or recuited by happy.:mad:
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Yes, you did bring this up before in the reviews. Your review wasn't approved since all it said was...

felix this could be a scam ,i checked his web site and according to happy he has called 200 trades the past 2 months,winning everyone making around 12,000 pips in 3 months
he has 46 five star ratings
i think the only one who is happy is the people he is paying off to give those 5 star ratings
you better label this a scam immediately unless these results can be proven
In case you haven't noticed, I am in charge of the FPA's Review Moderation Team. Since I took charge of over a year ago, the FPA has made great strides in weeding out fake reviews.

I am a suspicious person. Part of being a review moderator is to treat every review like it could be fake and to check it carefully. Not only were all of the reviews for HappyTradersFx carefully checked before being posted, but I've personally rechecked each and every one of them several times. I do this because I get suspicious of any company that maintains a solid 5 star rating. I also do this because people like you leave reviews asking that they be checked. Every review you see on that page, good and bad, has been checked and rechecked.

I see you have left a review complaining that a company is a scam because "its obviously a scam site from the way its written" and now you say that HappyTradersFx is a scam because "but there website is a cheap garbage site from another country". I won't waste time arguing about the relative quality of the site, but I do know that Happy lives in Japan. If a site being in another country makes it a scam, that would mean labeling over half of all companies in the FPA's reviews as a scam. I'm proud to be an American, but find it shameful that any one of my fellow Americans would think this way.

If that person you are quoting really was a member of Happy's services, he can come here and post about it in this forum or in the reviews. You seem to think that positive reviews can be fake. Have you ever considered that negative reviews in an unmoderated yahoo message board can be fake? I've already caught one of his competitors leaving a fake review here at the FPA once.

As for his pip totals, you should dig deeper. I am told that Happy trades some exotic crosses. Those can move huge amounts in a very short time. I'm not a member of Happy's service, so I can't prove that each one of those reviews is truthful and can't count his pips myself. So far, I haven't seen a bunch of angry members of the service writing in to say the pip totals are fake.

If you are convinced Happytraders is a scam, don't join. If you think it may be real and are free to trade when he trades, you can think about joining. Saying something is a scam because it's well rated, based in another country and because you found a single unmoderated complaint somewhere is a waste of time.


Let me see if I can follow TrendCat's logic.

1. If it's got a bunch of 5 star reviews, it's definitely a scam.
2. If it claims to have good returns, it's definitely a scam.
3. If the website isn't cool enough, it's definitely a scam.
4. If it's in another country, it's definitely a scam.
5. If someone you can't get in touch with makes a negative posting anywhere, it's definitely a scam.

So, I guess that leaves about 3 forex companies that are in the USA, 4 star rated, have a GREAT website, have modest returns, and that no one has posted anything bad about - yet.

BTW - If you look, those ratings for Happy Traders aren't 100% 5 star. Does this do anything to rearrange your universal perfect reviews conspiracy theory?


pharaoh hello,
let me please clarify my complaint a little
i do not think 5 star ratings are scams,but when it comes from a cheap looking website
that claims to win every trade and has won over 20,000 pips and has lost only 2 pips since oct 2008
it should definately be looked at
2)good returns- sure if they are in the realm of possibility ,but if he is claiming 25,000 pips since nov 08,
and claims hes only lost 2 pips since than
that is definatly a lie and should be checked out,its impossible and anyone that trades forex knows that.
3)cheap sites like that with that type of appearance have many times been scams especially when they claim 25,000 pips in 7 months
4)it definatly has more chance of being a scam in another country with the lax regulations in these countrys.
5)true i agree that someone that makes one negative post somewhere doesnt definately mean its a scam
but when the site has many 5 star ratings and there is someone that write on another site they got wiped out by happy,
i would definately check the site deeper because those ratings could be easily be fake

robert thanks for your answer
i didnt mean to be so offensive in the way i described his site.
i dont care what country he is in if he is honest.
but you know that a foreign site always has more chance to be a scam because of lax regulations in other countries.
but i have seen those type of sites before and almost all of them
were cheaters and scammers.
they inflate the pip totals to the stratoshere.
you dont think it is suspicious that he claims he has won every trade?
he claims he has made 18,000 pips since the first of the year.?
its ridiculous ,no one can do that.
if he is counting multiple lots he should say so.
you should verify his trades for at least a month.
im going to Ask him to send me the signals for 1 month for free to test him out
is it alright if i mention FPA and say i will report the results back to you.?
thanks for at least looking at my complaint
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You have got to be kidding.

I keep my life in forex very separate from my real life. If you ever saw any of the websites I personally have, you would automatically label everything else I do as a scam because, to put this very gently, my web design skills SUCK.

I'll definitely say that his claimed returns are impressive. Then again, if they were all fake, there's nothing to stop disappointed clients from posting about it in the FPA's forums or reviews. I follow the reviews pretty closely and have seen more than one 5 star service go down in flames. I can't personally vouch for his results, but I'd be pretty surprised if his results are fake that there haven't been dozens of complaints by customers, not just someone who finds them suspicious. A company can only maintain artificially high fake reviews for a limited period until either the review moderators or the opinions of real customers catch up with them.

Considering that the review moderators let in bad reviews for services owned by Felix, I don't think they'd bother to rig reviews for someone who bought one tiny little advertising button.

I've never been in Happy's room, but did review his risk management. He does some very low leverage long-term trades without stop losses. The theory is that if you wait long enough, eventually price will come back and there will be no loss. As long as leverage is kept low enough, this can be a good way to have a nice pip total with few or even zero losses for an extended period. Personally, I don't use this method, but can understand how it works.

As I understand Happy's service, a lot of the trade entries and exits are called live, similar to Forex Diamonds (I am a member of Diamonds). Under these circumstances, it is possible to log the pip totals, but sending out signals by email would be pointless since quite a few entry and exit points would be missed.

Ummmm... did I read that right? - you openly accuse him of being a scam and then say you plan to ask him for free access to his service for a month. Let me dig out my Forex Magic 8 Ball and see if I can forecast his answer for you.

BTW - You did read that top thread in this folder, right? The one about correct usage of the Scam Alerts Folder. The scam alerts folder is for reporting scams that one has solid information on, not for throwing out suspicions without any hint of a solid basis. To list a company here without having something a little better than "cheap website, reviews and results look too good" is more than a little unfair. What would you do if it turns out that Happy's results are accurate to the last pip and you've listed his company in the scam alerts folder incorrectly?

P.S. Robert Heinlein isn't the AsstMod's name. That's a quote from an author.
happy fx sad scam alerters

Man, I will sure be careful if I decide to open a scam alert, you will get absolutely shredded if you don't have all your facts straight. Your words will be picked apart one by one to make you feel like a moron.

Asst. Moderator, I think your response was appropriate strong and professional...you made your point without having to be a complete jerk. I think had this thread been just between you and the orignal poster, it would be educational for all of us...however, it turned out bad.

For the record, I can kind of understand where the original poster is coming from, but I also agree that until you have proof of something, that you have to tone down your commentary just a little bit. After all, Forex Diamonds is one of the cheesiest websites I have ever seen and they don't even post results, and I don't hear a lot of people calling them a scam (well, dont guess they really could with any validity because there are no results posted, so how can they scam you).

Best of luck to everyone in your trading journey.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
If TrendCat had confined himself to real issues, there would have been less blood on the floor.

Being suspicious of extremely good posted results in normal.

Saying that all the reviews at the FPA must be fake because of one anonymous complaint somewhere else isn't much of an argument.

Going after a signals service because it's based in another country is silly.

Pharaoh is correct about the correct usage of the scam alerts folder. HappyTraders has a discussion thread that links to their review page. I'm moving this conversation there.

Maybe I should add something like "Science Fiction Author, 1907-1988" to that quote in my sig file so people will stop calling me Robert.



fine i will drop the issue
but i think you should ask for a free month from any signel service
to validate their pip totals
it would create the impression that FPA is detailed digs deep to find the truth.
by the way happy hasnt got back to me yet,if he was so good you would think he would offer me a free month to check his signals, i was polite to him.
when i ask for free access i had no intention of using his service,i trade my own system.
take care
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Justin Jay

As I said in my review, the results on HappyTraders website are real. But non-members can't see his current open positions. He has over 10.000 pip open loss. Mostly he holds JPY pairs long. Who cares what he trades only 0.25%, 10.000 pips still adds up to about 25% of account. And that was a couple of weeks ago, since then JPY pairs moved up even more (despite that USDJPY was moving down). So I'm pretty sure the loss is even larger now. I really don't remember all the positions, except that he's short in EURJPY from about 123.00 and short CADJPY from about 71.00. But he has like 10 or 15 open positions like that. Oh, and he's short on GBPUSD. On this pair he was already in a few hundred pip loss before that huge move up that started at the beginning of May. This is absolutely ridiculous.
Yes, he may have made like 50.000 pips since he opened his website. And if you're one of a few, who has been with him from the beginning, maybe that 10.000 pip loss doesn't look like a big deal. But it can easily turn into 20.000 pip loss... But if you joined just a few months ago, it doesn't really matter, how many pips he made in the past.
And if you check his performance, you will see that average pips per trade is 39 pips. So even if those positions turn around and he closes them with profit, you would only take about 40*15 = 600 pips? You suffered 10.000-15.000 pip drawdown for a few months, only to get 600 pips??? This is a joke.
So let's just wait for USDJPY to start moving up (since it so oversold, a retracement can happen anytime) and you'll start getting reviews of people getting margin calls.
Anyway, I don't care, I trade on my own and I'm happy about my trading. But when I see somebody posting like 5000 pip result every month, I couldn't resist to try the service. But I think now it's my duty to tell fellow traders how stupid this service is.
Oh and Mr. Happy. I'm pretty sure you will be reading this. Grow some balls and post your notepad with open positions here. If you stand by your service and believe it really works, this shouldn't be a problem. But since it will shatter a beautiful image of a service with 5000 pips a month, I'm pretty sure this will never happen.
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