Has anyone heard of Atlas Global Recovery Solutions?


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Someone give me the name of this recovery firm but I can trust and I need to do some research before I am going to do any steps.
If is anyone heard of them or get help please contact me.
Any information is helpful.
I read some reviews about them on trust pilot and they all are in the good way but except there I can find anything else.


If you had your total net worth converted to cash and sitting on the table in front of you, would you be willing to let the person who referred you to Atlas hang on to your money for a month? Or even a week?

Trust Pilot does a terrible job filtering reviews.

Let me see. . . .

Atlasglobalrecoverysolutions.com Created on 2019-07-15

Contact info protected by WhoIs guard. They'll be asking you for all sorts of personal financial info, but don't even tie a name or address to their website. Their Contact Us page also has no address or phone number. Yes, addresses can be fake and phone numbers can be VOIP, but I expect to at least have some hint about where a legitimate recovery firm is located.

If I wanted someone to help me, I'd want that help to be from a firm that's a bit more established.

Google this, with the quote marks:

"We work with private individuals, giving them legal advice and support that is totally bespoke to them and their situation" and see how many similar companies have it. Compare those pages to this page:


It's a template. Now think - how many REAL companies do this vs. how many scam companies (hint: less than 1/100 is real). So, even if a real company wrote this the first time, which one of those Google Results is real? Even if one is, all the others are fake. Do you feel lucky?

Notice that this sentence includes that they give legal advice. I'm not a lawyer. I can advise you that killing another human is likely to be illegal. What I can't do is provide you with specific legal advice about you killing a specific person under a specific set of circumstances. For that, you would need a real lawyer. I don't see the names of any real lawyer or law firm on the page of a company that claims to be able to provide legal advice specific to their situation.

Like all the Recovery Room Scam sites I've seen, this one is BIG on promises, but painfully short on details.

Take whatever money you have and run far and fast away from this website.

Open a thread in the FPA's Scam Alerts folder. Give details of the scam you are a victim of. Include dates and amounts of deposits/payments plus how the money was transferred from you to the scammers.


I got tricked by one of the recent bitcoin scams operating on youtube in which somebody steals somebody's identity, in my case it was Tesla/SpaceX/NASA/Elon Musk, and wound up losing 0.3 bitcoin.
I thought it might be possible to recover bitcoin from a fraudulent transaction but it appears that is just another scam. In fact one might say that the entire bitcoin scheme itself is a gigantic fraud mechanism. Luckily I never paid any actual money to anyone other than for the miner equipment, which can be resold.
However I did pay $150 USD to Atlas Global Recovery based on this very quote:
Eric: "I believe your chance of successful recovery is very strong and would like to get to work right away on your case. Attached is a Service Agreement that I will need you to read, fill, sign, and return to us. There is a flat fee of $150.00 to cover the expenses for your case."
So I paid them $150 via Mastercard and it appears they are actually based out of Huntsville Arizona with zip code 72740 and telephone number 914-465-0114. I'm going to attempt to dispute that Mastercard transaction.
Holy cow the scams pile up one upon the next!
Cryptocurrency is a complete and utter scam, no wonder Maduro/Venezuela and Putin/Russia are so firmly behind these schemes.



Sad to hear my friend, instead of running for help on this recovery firm they are just adding your injury? Nowadays, its really hard to trust anyone.


Sad to hear my friend, instead of running for help on this recovery firm they are just adding your injury? Nowadays, its really hard to trust anyone.
Luckily Mastercard saw things my way and I got the chargeback. The secret: Atlas Global does not pickup the phone number that they had provided.


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Recovery rooms are all scams. They have no authority to do anything.
Hire a lawyer if you're willing to spend thousands for a chance. Any "recovery room" has zero ability to really do anything. How are they going to magically recover funds that even a lawyer will have a tremendous difficulty doing? Some of them like EFRI are very clever but still totally powerless. All they can do is send letters.