Has anyone heard of Atlas Global Recovery Solutions?


Someone give me the name of this recovery firm but I can trust and I need to do some research before I am going to do any steps.
If is anyone heard of them or get help please contact me.
Any information is helpful.
I read some reviews about them on trust pilot and they all are in the good way but except there I can find anything else.

It is a SCAM, they take an initial service fee but everything they offer is fake, they even created a fake website of a fake Law firm they pretend they work with, and after few months of fake negotiations they say your initial scammers agreed to send your stolen asset or money(according to a fake agreement with fake signatures and even a fake Invoice) to this Law firm bradshawandwilliams.com for Arbitration and you have to pay them another fee if you want to recover it.They also offered a third party specialist to improve the terms of my agreement with the initial scammers(for another fee).

They are hiding addresses, telephone numbers and even the owner of their website domain. And they create email accounts to give themselves positive reviews in different portals.

They have a rational explanation for everything but believe me they are much worse than your initial scammers