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Has anyone heard of BROKERXP


Highly Suspicious Person
There are many brokers on the market nowadays. Some offer good conditions, some have user-friendly sites with easy understanding process of trading, others may offer good conditions for trading without conveniences. Another can have proper hardware for analysis and trading. But in circumstances of the market users need «all in one» type and lucky we are such type exists. It is BROKERXP – the one, who offers you not only good conditions for trading, but the whole system of brokerage activity. Here you can find all instruments for professional traders and appropriate materials for completely new users to online trading. So let us gaze at all core features of BROKERXP.

How to start with BROKERXP?

As we already said above, this broker combines next generation trading conditions with user-friendly and easy to understand environment. But let us have a look in details what exactly the trader will face while choosing this broker.

When it concerns investing money all normal people not only traders want their investments to be in safeness. This broker can guarantee that, because it deals with top tier liquidity. What does it mean? – Simply care of your money. It doesn’t matter how much money you will invest, 22 tier 1 banks secure you capital.

After clarifying all questions with safeness of your investments, it is necessary to note the easy and absolutely free process of registration. It will take you about 5 minutes to start trading. It will be possible if you correctly done all forms and submitted your identification documents for account validation.

From passing the registration to moment when you will be able to start trading, you will need to make a deposit. The minimal deposit for BROKERXP is 500$. Another good benefit is 0 fee on deposit. It means that wherever you are and no matter how much money was deposited, you will see whole amount on your account.

Now let us have some words about conditions of trade and from what the trader can choose. The BROKEXP is a technology driven online ECN forex and commodities broker providing traders with institutional grade spreads, fast trade execution and the security of financial registration and oversight.

The broker offers spreads starting from 0.0, leverages between 1:1 – 400:1. The size of leverage will depend on your deposit. So it seems that everyone will find suitable conditions for trading here.

But to start trading right after depositing can only experienced traders, but don’t worry we have Academy for novice in trading. Here all users can find useful material: video guides, explanations and electronic books. If after studying the questions still left in your head – fell free to contact our support team. It is on air 24/5. They will answer all your questions, do not hesitate to ask even silly questions. When we speak about investing real money, all questions are suitable, till 100% confidence.

Moreover, as help in your trading performance BROKERXP offers you access to the World’s leading trading platforms including Metatrader 4 (MT4). This is the platform for Forex, which grants you more analytical tools of the market and personal consultants. Huge advantage is mobile app. You can download it and check the market conditions anytime from anywhere and get useful advices.

Well, after analyzing all strong sides of BROKERXP we absolutely right need to talk about withdrawals. Here we have the following system: minimal withdrawal is 100$. The trader is allowed to do one withdrawal request a month is exempt from processing fees. Any subsequent withdrawals performed within the same month will be subjected to a processing fee of 30 USD, 25 EUR or 20 GBP.

Now you are ready at least create a free account and start your journey in the online trading.


Brigadier General
Funny, I thought that Has Anyone Heard Of? was for asking questions about a company, not for posting a long marketing message for the company.

It looks like a Scottish Holding Company and a Marshall Islands Company are the only tenuous connections this outfit has to reality.

If brokerxp.com is such a great broker, why doesn't the website show them as being regulated?

I don't care how good the claimed features and trading conditions are if the broker is unregulated. Without regulation, all client money can disappear in the blink of an eye. The Scottish and Marshall Islands companies can just fail to pay renewal fee and the website can disappear.

My best advice. Don't bother with BrokerXP unless they get registered with a serious regulator.


Master Sergeant
Pharaoh, please remember that getting a UK license is now well into the millions.
All of the new brokerages are going places like Belize, Bahamas, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Australia, etc (and even Belize is $250K+).

I see ads here on FPA for many unregulated brokerages so I think it's a bit out of line to say that all of them are bad, but certainly should not be preferred.

There are literally 50+ licensed FX brokerages in the UK to choose from. The problem is most can't offer the insane leverage and EA trading that retail traders all want.