Has anyone heard of cybering.net?


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Anyone heard of cybering.net or get help from them to recover your money from a online Forex scam?
Any information will be helpful. Thanks


I never heard of them until I saw your post. It only took a few moments for their website to convince me that they a recovery room scammers intent on stealing more money from scam victims.

Zero details given on how they'll help. Just give them all your contact info and they'll slowly and surely lure you into paying fee after fee.

Here's an obvious sign of the site being a lie. Right-click on one of the pictures in the testimonials and select open image in new tab. Go to that tab and look at the URL. Here's one of them:


Yes, all 4 "client" images are from a WordPress diet testimonial template.

Also, 3 of the 4 of those so-called clients have other names. You can see them all here:


Of course, if someone from Cybering wants to come here and explain the fake images and also tell us how they can accomplish these claimed recoveries, I'd be happy to hear what they have to say.