Has anyone heard of Global Refund Group?

Jolanta Rup

USA company Paid initial fee by credit card to recover money lost to regulated CYPRUS forex broker. I am not 100% sure about this company. SOMETHING IS OFF. I already sent all my info twice to companies that wanted me to pay them in crypto never paid them. Global refund Group took my credit card.


Do you have a website for them? Have you looked up reviews for them? How much did you loose if you don't mind me asking?


I already answered this in your other thread:

As mentioned above, the fact that it calls itself a recovery company means it's incredibly likely to be a scam. They all claim to have lawyers, but don't ever bother to show the names.

There is one real lawyer who has posted at the FPA about handling cases against EU regulated brokers. They do have fairly high minimums and do charge upfront fees, but consultations are free. You can see more about them here:


Focus on how you sent the money. If by credit card and you can show that they never intended to provide the promised service of withdrawal, you can approach your credit card's issuing bank and file for a chargeback. If by bank wire, you can ask your bank about how to file wire fraud charges.

Another tactic is to file complaints with their regulator, with the EU's financial regulators, and the financial regulators in your country. Some may not do anything, but they are all guaranteed to do nothing if you don't file a complaint.

I did a little more research.

globalrefundgroup.com was registered on December 13, 2020. They only paid for 1 year, which doesn't express confidence that they plan to remain at that URL for long.

They claim a 93% success rate. Even simple chargebacks in obvious financial fraud cases don't have that high of a success rate.

If any company like this contacts you out of the blue, consider this: How did they just happen to know you got scammed? If there was any police or regulatory investigation, the police or regulators would have talked to you instead of sharing your private information with a recovery company


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Recovery companies are mostly another scam company, they know you are desperate and will promise you anything in order to take more money out from you. Do not fall for them, work with your bank and how you made your transaction to those scammers and see if there's any to recover some money.