Has anyone heard of Global Venture gventurep vip


Was encouraged to invest into this trading scheme, so made a small deposit and made a small amount withdrew it with no problems.
Done this quiet a few times, but was always a little concerned as Im not up with all this stuff I'm older and about to go on a old aged pension, so every dollar is important.

So reinvested and with the help of the original scammer was encouraged to invest more to get the deposit reward for depositing to LV1 then LV2 then was encouraged to go for LV4 with the help of the scammer.
Then when I tried to withdraw the money they said that there was an abnormality with the account, and I had to create a new account and deposit $2000 USD to the new account and they would transfer the funds from the old account to the new one automatically and I would be able to withdraw.

Alarm bells started for me at that point and I delved into the app looking every where, and I have found the scammer helping me their funds were refused in a hidden part of the app yet showed as credit in the usual day to day part of the app.

Yesterday I spoke with online support, as I just wanted my deposits back but always has been operator 066, and no explanations, just a repetitive reply.

I've been trying to find out more about this platform but as each day goes by it's as if it has never existed, and today ( 08/05/22 ) even the app is saying invalid user.


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