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Info Has anyone heard of Global Wealth Recovery?

Asking questions about a company
Just wondering if anyone has heard of Global Wealth Recovery.

They contacted me and told be we can recover my lost funds from Titan Trade and no cost to me and only pay after it’s recovered. I gave them my information and they informed me they negotiated a deal with Titan trade and showed me the settlement
At first it looked like I was going to get 1.5 time my funds lost, but then the fees started to come into play. I would be glad to get my original back and agree to term based on I pay after receiving my funds. They trade informed me my funds arrived as Bank of America Escrow and a lady contacted me from the Banks Escrow. And wanted me to pay 3.5% of recovered funds directly to Global. I know how Escrows work and you don’t pay a company directly.They where reluctant to give me the address but finally got it out of them. I did a investigation and BOA does not have a Escrow and was a fake name.
They send me a copy of certified check blanked out. And the check was made out from US government office.
I believe it was a scam company based out of Florida.
I contact the police in Miami and they said if I never lost any money there is nothing they can do
How Ironic is that