has anyone heard of Iknk Fx Investment in Facebook?


These guys go by the name of Godwin Freedom with a

WhatsApp number of: 16463435129

Telegram of: t.me/iknkfxprofits

They claim to be a fund manager for Triumph FX with over $10M in funds. They are selling FX Boom Scalping robot which in the ad claims to convert $50 to $500 in a week only to find out prior to buying that it can only make $150 vs the $500. I've asked for backtest results, investor password, demo forward tests, and they refused to give me anything. The guarantee is the EA makes money, with proof of a video of a scrolling MT4 account from the good part of the 1st half of May 2019. They even provided a money back guarantee and a marketing scheme of price is going up by 1 June 2019. The EA was selling for $100 and they would ask you into making a payment through Bitcoin, Skrill, & Neteller - All payment options that do not carry a buyer's protection because any payment made is beyond dispute.

Against my better judgement, I bought the EA and tried it on a live account, and Boom, my money is gone. I am naive enough to expect that they would fix the issue but instead i got blamed for using a VPS. I'm writing this because I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced with this company/person or anyone here knows IKNK FX Investments really exists in 850 3rd Ave New York, New York.

I've uploaded the video file they sent as a .gif here for your review.