Has anyone heard of Rich Fitton or used any of his "systems"


It doesn't seem to be a name that's very widely touted, and his "4FXD" method looks to me as if it might be workable - modest targets and he's not encouraging people to go wild with the amounts they invest. But some of the arithmetic of his projections seems illogical and unexplained, and although he's offering a 3-month risk-free trial which seems generous (if he honours the terms of it), it's £350 (including VAT) per *quarter* thereafter (or, as far as I recall) £1,200 or so per year after that, so it's by no means cheap.... A couple of years ago I had resolved not to actually buy any methods, and just see if I could refine my own into better profitability, but this one just caught my eye. Thanks for your views!