Have you been a victim of a Forex Scam?

Have you been scammed by anyone in FOREX before?

  • Yes - I have been scammed before :(

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  • No - I have always been treated with honesty :)

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i`m sorry to listen all your story..but i wonder how the crook of FXCM recruit their agents. Now in Malaysia they have IB all over states and promises to have a site office to serve my people. are this troop have enough gear to blass them??


FXCM agents

How to recruit? Easy! 2 pips or so as commission and each agent is making a little fortune, and can afford to frequent karaoke lounges where they meet more prospects there to pull into the fx arena to be slaughtered. It's a sad state of affairs all round. The poor gets poorer because they dream to get rich fast. End up having nightmares!

Harimau, which state or you in, tiger?

i`m sorry to listen all your story..but i wonder how the crook of FXCM recruit their agents. Now in Malaysia they have IB all over states and promises to have a site office to serve my people. are this troop have enough gear to blass them??
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I had been trading demo for 2 years making a profit consistently for the last 6 months. I opened a small account which has been demolished. I am confused by the difference. I did not use stops and my positons were stopped out just before the action turned my way. I am back on demo again, and I am back to making a profit. The company is FXDD. If anyone can suggest a reputable company with decent charts, post it. When is the company allowed to close out your position?


FX Scams

It's still amazing to me that these modern day snake oil salesmen are still ripping people off for millions of dollars in 2008. The Dept. of Justice still hasn't located the several hundred million dollars that Razor FX stashed away in banks around the world.


Defending yourself

I started Forex by taking a local course and the course providers arranged an account for me with a Swiss Broker - FXCSC (Foreign Exchange Clearing & Settlement Co.) I demoed with them for several months and then prior to funding my account I emailed several times asking for some policy clarifications. Funny thing was I kept getting responses in perfect English - not what I expected from Switzerland. Their site stated they had been in business for 27 years but a Google search showed absolutely nothing. On their website they had a links page which listed several Swiss governing bodies suggesting that they were members. I contacted the 3 organizations and was told FXCSC weren't members in any of them. So I dug a little deeper and found the broker address was in a Swiss building that provided "virtual offices". I emailed them and asked why they were in a virtual office building and to advise me what governing bodies they were members of. They replied that they weren't members with anyone but that they had made an application with one, and that it didn't matter because they were transfering all their accounts to their parent company. I emailed 3 times asking who and where that parent company was and never received a reply. Even though I had opened an account I never did fund it. From further research I think the parent company may be FXLQ (Forex Liquidity LLC) and they may have been pulling back funds to the US to meet the higher NFA requirements. Last week I noticed the FXCSC website was and continues to be "Under Construction". So even though I wasn't ripped off financially, I was certainly mislead.

You did your homework before commiting yourself.
This is where a lot of traders fall over!
If we all did the same as you, there would be a lot less
horrific scam stories like the one's I've read here.
Sites like this are brilliant for awareness, but @ the end of the day, we have
to do the sifting out ourselves before we commit one dime.

Lessons to be learnt here you.



I deposited 50 000 USD to FXOpen.com scam company. I made 80 000 USD profit. Then I tried to withdraw my money, but these scammers did NOT give me any penny. They have just stolen it! The complete story with screenshots and phone calls records is available at FXOpen.info.

Regards, Erlan Saduakasov

michael 123

HK Forex Ripped me off

I hope this story will help someone avoid making the same silly mistake.

I have just been scammed $106,00 US by a company called Hong Kong (HK) Forex Co. Ltd in Hong Kong. 36 Wang Kwong Rd Kowloon Bay Hong Kong

It started when I was called by a Jeremy Hamilton, a representative of this Co. I was offered US/AUS dollar options to expire June 08. A web site address was supplied, HKForex (H.K.) Co. Ltd. which I checked out and checked them out on another website refered to by them www.fsra financial service regulatory association. Apparently the governing body in Hong Kong for such companies. I have since found out that this association does not exist and the website was operated by the same scammers.
All seemed above board and I traded call & put options for several weeks, with another rep. Michael Kingston, appearently making resonable profits, I was encouraged to purchase a "Bankers block" of 75 call & 25 put options which I did.
These options were sold last week and the funds were deposited into my HK Forex trading account. When requested a withdraw on the funds I was told the funds would be clearded in 72 hrs and available in my Australian account.
The funds never appeared in Australia and the phone lines are now cut and it seems the smammers have scampered.
I have notified the Securities & Futures Commission in Hong Kong and I have all correspondence, Account statements, International Money Transfer reciepts, screen shots etc etc.


check out

Chances are that every trader will face a FOREX scam, or will know a fellow trader that has been scammed. The feeling of losing your money can leave an ugly knot in one's stomach. If you have been a victim of a nasty forex scam, please share with us your horror story. Let's get those bastards!
What information do you require from me in order to investigate a possible scam. I may have been scammed.



i deposited money liteforex and i had applied for withdrawal for over a week now, they have not sent my money.

i had sent several mails and they are telling me that hey need confirmation from their fellow staff.