Have you improved your trading psychology?


Private, 1st Class
Many newbie traders ask me how can thwy improve their psychology and mental strength in forex trading. I always say to them that it is not easy. You will only gain mental strength through experience. You can also gain those attributes while staying in the market. There is no other way for this.
There is no doubt all improve their trading psychology develop good way to face market where they face less tension Forex trading becomes their part of life routine business. I must say it is now easy to manage all things related to forex. They win or loose it an a second question but firstly they are more confident and learned to analyse market for trading.


Only if the trader can improve their attitude towards trading business will it be possible for the traders to make some consistent income in the forex market. Most of us fail because of our trading psychology which involves making quick money in shortest time period, ultimately only to lose more money.


Sergeant Major
How to improving trading psychology we need more practice in this field, especially with the real account, it will good to develop our trading psychology, and if we can discipline to always implemented trading rules hence we will be finding good strategy trading and, discipline also as one sign if we having good psychology trading, will very different when newbie that during trades always panic, full anxiety, fear and so on, but with longtime experience profit and loss is general thing