having problem withdrawing funds from GFT GLobal Markets

Tom AK

I have account with GFT Global Makets
on Aug 7 they canceled my profitable trade for 11.375.00 GBP
I contacted them several times
they told me that I was cheating and they not going to pay my money


Master Sergeant
I just chatted with this less than honest POS "Broker" and as soon as I mentioned that some people were complaining about charges to accounts after trades are closed my chat session was abruptly terminated. These POS American criminals should be burned at the Forex Stake. Why on Earth would any one put up with these sub-humans? Some people love to be tortured and screwed-I aint one of them though. Tom Ak I suspect they paid the rent this month with the money they stole from your account. Please start to file every complaint with anyone who will listen. I doubt u will ever see your cash.:unhappy: