Hello everybody


This forum was created for people exactly like you. Learning about forex on your own can be very difficult. This is where we express our ideas freely and seek help from those that already know. Feel free to ask any question and we will gladly reply to you. Do not feel embarassed when you ask simple uestions. Not all of us know everything. We all started from somewhere.


Private, 1st Class
Welcome to forex newbie. I hope you have a good time. The forst thing you have to do is be strong. Do not think of anything as being hard. Forex is exactly how you take it to be. Navigating the forum should not be a problem. Believe in yourself.


This forum does not have too much info. it only seems too much because you have not been around for a sufficient time. that too much information is what you need. You will not manage without all that information. You will notice that some of them are repeated fo emphasis. Be determined and you will learn what you need to know.


Private, 1st Class
The only wa in here.y to forex is by learning as much as you can, that too much information is what forex is all about. Fotrex is like a mind game. You have to be ready to learn if you are going to make it There are quite a lot of things that it may seem like school but do not let that bother you.


Hey! The navigation is actually quite simple. Looking for a theme that interests you, they are grouped into categories, so there is no problem with that. If you have any questions or problems yourself, you will write to the forum the same way you wrote this post. It's not that hard, is it? :) You can also keep your trading journal on the forum, it is very useful. For many traders, it helps to find errors in work and analyze them.
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