Hello Everyone! This is Vladimir.


Viva FPA!

I do think this great forum and judgement venue will purify and set standards for all of those brokers and market-makers who think retail traders are a herd of sheep! :eek:oh: ....'cause they are not will not be ever ;) .

It is His/Her Highness the client, i.e. the trader who is the stress-test or the test drive of whatever brokerage - no matter how heavy it has been advertised, no matter what promises are aired.

I have many thoughts to share..... of course, many new things to learn (man's improvement in any aspect is a lifetime ongoing process :) ).

....and I shall be with you later on again.

I've been always sticking to the following: "It's not the format, it's the content that matters". It can also be interpreted as: "It is the actions that are more important, rather than the words" :) (something like that)

Cheers and may all of you have successful trading!