Hello fellow traders

alan bartlett

Hello all,

I am new to this forum so thought i would introduce myself, My name is alan and i am a newbie trader, After rerading the babypips site many times and practising on a demo account with Alpari for six months i now have a live account with FXDD, using FXrebates as my I.B.

So far i have had varying degrees of success and failure ( man do the losses hurt, but the wins feel good lol ) I am quickly becoming addicted to trading much to the wifes annoyance.

I currently have the Forex Megadriod runing in my account which has been quite exceptional in its performance so far, even if it only makes the odd trade here and there, I think this may be because i only have a 1.5k account at min.

Anyway i,m glad to be here and look forward to talking to you all and hopfully picking up the odd trading tip here and there, All advise would be most welcome as i know there is so much stil to learn.

All the best