Hello FPA

Ian Hendry

Hi FPA, I'm liking this site very much. Loads of great resources, training material and Sive's technical analysis is 1st class. It's like having a mentor. I can do my analysis for the week then check his. This lets me see how much better I'm getting week by week. Then each day as the week progresses I can keep checking back to match my analysis. I'm still making mistakes of course but the difference now is I can learn and understand why I'm making the mistakes. As I say 1st class material and I hope that you have the enthusiasm, desire and motivation to keep this going for many years to come.

I would be happy to help the cause by volunteering some of my time. If needed please send me a private message and perhaps I can help out.

Thanks very much for your hard work - you are helping me to become a better trader.

But just one question - what is the stop grabber pattern? I've been trying to find some details on this but can't seem to get any. Is it from DiNapoli's book?