Hello to all and greetings from Macedonia


I want to say hello to everybody here on this excellent forum from which I am constantly improving my knowledge as well as from other sites, books etc. with resources of information. My name is Ognen and I live in Macedonia. The problem with this country is that I am not allowed to do currency trading because of the National's Bank restrictive policy and Macedonian Denar (MKD) pegged to Euro. I am communicating with some organizations that are engaged in convincing the NBoM (National Bank of Macedonia) for market liberalization and I am actively pointing in the newspapers and on television that FOREX trading is very attractive business to start, so people can trade from here too. For now, I am just demo-trading.


You can sidestep the peg issues by opening an account denominated in Euros or Dollars. As for the other restrictions, good luck. Sadly, the US slapped American traders with a pile of restrictions that makes it harder and harder to open accounts with non-US brokers. Looks liek the Macedonian government is one step ahead by trying to block all forex trading.