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Problem HELP ! I'm having a scam situation with a woman and a trading platform called HYDAX! (hydaxsym.vip)

I am having an issue with a company
I live in France, Paris, and was contacted by a woman (Tina), from Hong Kong, on Whatsapp who runs a fitness equipment manufacturing company called BFTFitness (bftfitness.com) and who works and lives in London.

She claimed to have contacted me by mistake after a couple of days, she sent me a message and started chatting saying we could become friends and gave me a personal number (+44 7897 033961) I should point out, that at the time of writing this message, I am still in contact with this person, and she is not aware that I know she is scamming me.

After a few days of messages, and video calls, she told me that she had made a fortune with crypto-currency investments. She explained that she lives alone in London, that her daughter lives with her parents in Hong Kong, and that she was renovating a house in a part of London to bring her daughter and her family. After a while, and several discussions on Whatsapp, trust was established, we talk about a lot of different subjects, and one day, she explains to me that she can help me make money with cryptos, then advises me to register an account on an exchange platform called HYDAX (hydaxsym.vip) and tells me that she knows it very well, having used it for 2 years, that it's easy to use etc. The application is not on the Play Store, but I decide to install it.

In video calls, I always found it very evasive. I did a little investigation, looking for information about her, her company and asking her some trick questions, which she answered well. I also asked her for photos of her, but in her living environment: at home, in her offices, etc. She sometimes sent me some (in the form of a photo). She sometimes sent me some (I have almost all of them), but it was difficult to get them. She also gives me her Instagram page (@angle.491)

One day, she convinced me to invest money, and I sent on my Hydax account, 1500€ in USDT (13/01/2023) to start. The first trade with her went very well and I started to make small profits. I continued to invest on the site 1000€ in USDT (16/01/2023) and 2000€ in USDT (10/02/2023).

One day, I decide to do a check, and I decide to transfer 500 USDT to my BINANCE account, and after a few hours, the transfer still hasn't arrived on my account. I go to the Hydax platform, to speak with the technical support (live), and I explain them the problem. They tell me that they have to do some checks, and that it takes 24 hours. I explain that this is not normal, and that I am not satisfied. Finally, after a few minutes, my transfer went through, and I received the USDT on my Binance account. This reassures me a lot, and I don't think of a scam anymore. After several weeks I have 8700 USDT on my account (a profit of almost 4000 Euros), but I still feel that there is a problem with this platform, and that its functioning is not quite normal. I start researching this woman, the platform and crypto scams again. And I come across a site that tells the exact same story that is happening to me right now.

From that moment on, I understand that I have been scammed by this woman! But I decided not to tell her anything. She tells me that in 2 days, her uncle, who lives in the US, and who taught her everything about the market and crypto-currencies, tells her that there is going to be a very big move in the financial markets, and that there is a great opportunity to make a lot of profit. She tells me about a 300,000 USDT profit for her. And tells me that I can make 30% profit and seriously increase the amount in my account. But for that to happen, I need to have more than 50,000 USDT in my account, to make more profit. She even offers to lend me 30,000 USDT, and I have to put 20,000 on my side.

At the same time, I try to transfer my crypto-currencies to my Binance account. And then, everything blocks. Hydax support tells me that the transfer will happen, but it never arrives. I insist by talking to Hydax support online, but they block my account, and I can't access the website or the application anymore. At this point, I think all my money is lost.

I'm still in contact with her, she continues to be very kind to me and understanding. Then I explain to her that I made a transfer to Hydax, to get some money to pay the hospital fees for my mother, and she claims that this is not normal, and I explain to her that I don't have access to my account anymore, and that I can't talk to the support. I ask her to help me, and she contacts Hydax, explains that my account has been blocked, due to site maintenance, and finally, she sends me a link to be able to log in again. It works, and I can see my account again.

I immediately try to make a new transfer of my crypto-currencies, to my Binance account, and there, I get an error message telling me that my "credit score" is insufficient to make a transfer. Indeed, on my account, the "Credit Score" which was at 100, went down to 90. I ask the support why this drop, and they tell me that I have cancelled 2 transactions, and that this is against the rules, and that my score has therefore dropped by 10 points. According to the person I spoke to on the Hydax site, I was told that it was not too serious, and that I had to make a new deposit, or new transactions on the platform, to reach the 10K, and then I could get my points back and make a new transfer to my Binance account.

This is where I am today. I'm in a bit of a bind. I don't know what to do. If I trade with her again, I know I will lose and there will be no more profits, and she will explain to me that I have to reinvest money... I am realistic, I know I will lose my money, but maybe there is a way to do something and get back what I invested at the beginning of this story.

If you have any solutions to HELP ME, I'm interested! And if not, I hope my testimony can help you.
You are being scammed. That is there mode of operation. If you really want to invest in trading, please register with regulated broker. This same lady scammed a client I'm currently trading his account of over 60k. They keep asking you to put in more money so you can be able to withdraw.

The moment you put in another deposit, more stories comes out.

The first withdrawal they allowed to go through was a bait.

Please if you want to invest, make sure you use regulated broker. If you can not trade, find a trader to help you.

My client I'm trading his account was scammed same tactics, As soon as he told me, I told it's a scam and that is what it is. I have helped recovered 48k so far from trading with deposit of 20k from his registered regulated broker based in the UK.

So please when ever you want to trade, please research for regulated broker, you can see too from forexpeacearmy trusted brokers.

Please never your put anymore money, they are scammers.