Help me get my money back from 53Option (SCAM Company)


One of the worst traders. Its a total scam. I was contacted by Lady Broker named Richel Jones. She initially insisted me to invest $500.After lot of thinking I invested US$500. Then on the website, I could see more money getting deposited in my account. On enquiry she said she is working for me with investments & this is the profit which has been generated. The she persistently persuaded me to invest more which I refused initially but later seeing the profits, I finally relented and made additional four more investments did in hope of getting more profit. The total amount invested is US$18,500.
Now I can see, US$40,564 in total in my account. But once I made withdrawal request for US$25K, immediately Richel disappeared. On enquiry the operator told me that she has gone for business trip and she will come back after two weeks. When I enquired about getting the money back, they said they don't know about it and only she can approve withdrawal.
Today after strong email, one other broker from 53option called me and informed me that Richel is on Holiday. About my money he said, it is on open trade basis & you may lose the money. He then proposed that if I add another $15K, then he will put all this money in insured trade and this trade will close on 28th December 2016 with assured profit of more than 45%. I fired him & told him that I will not spend even one penny more. And he should return my money back.
53option is total scam and I am surprised that it still does not have any scam rating!! I will try my best to get back my money and I need guidance if any. Worst case, I will sue them in UK court and will try to close this firm down so that other innocent people don't get scammed.
I suggest Forexpeacearmy to also inform all their members as well publish on their website asking people not to invest in

I have all the wire transfer details (first investment was with credit card & other were through wire transfer). if required, I can share it with concerned. I also have all screenshots of which clearly shows my investment and the profits which were added to my account.
Quote from the search results at FPA .

"November 2016: There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company. The FPA recommends caution dealing with 53Option unless this issue is resolved."

I would not hold my breath for a rep " has no registered representatives. "

Have you invited them here to discuss this matter?
ry to cancel transfers by informing your bank that you have been stealing.
.Rychel is traveling and there is no one to replace her. Believe this lie.
Your money is placed on a craft and there is no one to close those open positions.
We're all just trying to steal the rest of your money.
Let them know with date and time by email that your money needs to be returned and all position must be close.
How do I invite them to discuss this matter? Can you pls. explain me the procedure?

Well you can always contact customer support and give them a link to this page.
You may also request that they register a rep to work with you here.