help me with icoption


i start from month to search about trading and i find company with icoption name seem good after i make my application they call me with an Arabic speaker called mostafa after i talk with him he asked me my card nuber to make sure its worked after that i get a message from my bank mean that he try to wdl 500$ from my acc but it was zero because my card is prepaid card not credit so i have be angry and i closed the transaction at all after that for one month or more they try with my call after a a call in the end i Surrendered i was tired from say no and making they number as spam number and i transfer 500$ its not a big amount for me but its my money and if it need 5000$ to get them back i will so today my account manger call me and say to me i wana you to raise your capital i start to think ho to make sure that is icoption not spam i talk with the acc manger and say to him i wana my money back and i was think if he give me my money that mean they are good but he refuse to give me my money now what i could do to get my money back its my money pro