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Help Wanted help required to code this week system

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by WorldTra.de, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. WorldTra.de

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    Hi friends,

    I´d like to introduce you to a system, which works in a one minute chart using a moving average. The turning point represents the openprice of the weeks candle. I attached a pic to show you how it worked at the end of the week in Eur/USD.

    At the beginning of the week I set the turning point to this fixed openprice level. Then it paints a line in the chart. When I want to change that level the line should change their position either.

    I fill in the price when I attach the system to the chart. It is then not started yet. Then I will open the very first position manually to get a price closest to the opening price level. MA above the openprice will be a buyposition and vice versa. Then the ea will be activated. It should recognize, that there is already a position open. If no position is open, there should be an error message stating, that a position needs to be opened first.

    The moving average should open a longpositon, when it crosses from below through the turning point and opens a shortposition when crosses the turning point from the upside. And it should close the previous position.

    So the ea "sees" a buyposition, when the moving average is above the fixed price level. If it is below that level – error message.

    Vice versa for sellpositions.

    And there should be an error message, when the lotsize of the actual position is different from the ea´s inherent lotsize.

    I should be able to change the open price level if i want. Then the ea should just check if the above mentioned conditions are met.

    I guess it is relatively easy to code. I already have an ea, but this one opens and closes positions when the simple price has crossed the yellow line. This condition produces alot of loss, especially when it comes to frequent crosses. Unfortunately the programmer of this ea don´t want to work on it, so I need some other help.

    If someone could add a moving average with the stated conditions I would be happy.

    Thanx alot


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