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yea i'm not much of a scalper but I just got triggered in the GBPJPY @ 121.00 price has broken my software predicted high for the day and there is a bit of divergence on the AO

So hope we are on the right side of this trade and get a nice retracement @ this stage my 1st target is 123.81 but this will change as the P18EMA+3 moves in the following days

Good luck;)



Hi dkami,

No, I do not actually "scalp", but when I see the pair is range bound and moving in waves, I set pending orders with TP within these ranges.
I just couldn't resist taking those 10+ pips profits since if I close enough of them in one trading session, I would land up with quite a lot of pips : ) ...most tines even more pips than if I had waited for the TP to be triggered.

But normally I would let the highest or lowest position ride out the profits as much as possible.

The GBP/JPY seems to be stuck within a range (albeit higher up) these past couple days. I think the Japanese government intervened just sufficiently to lower the Yen and, for now, allowed market forces to dictate currency level.

Away from this currencies pair, I believe the USD is going to be hit hard soon due to gradual unloading of the currency by the Chinese who are switching to Gold as their principal foreign reserves.
But oil will go hair wire since it is priced in USD. And with highly priced oil, many countries will face higher energy cost.

Haiyah! So, where does that lead us in trading the forex?? It's like Yin & Yang circle where no one single force can be the greatest.
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Henry LIE on the wire to BOJ saying "his 10kto1c SCAM is to big to fail and urgent intervention is needed before next margin call"


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GBPJPY hit a new low.

I wonder how many people bought GBPJPY in the 118.50 area.
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Here's Henry LIE latest bull**** email to keep his subscribers paying this CON-MAN

This is so similar to his last bull**** email I posted in this thread saying that he will be taking shorter term trades because the market isn't looking at the fundamentals LOL

From: "Henry Liu" <info@10kto1mm.com>
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 8:42 AM
To:Name removed
Subject: Information About 10Kto1mm

> Hi Name removed,
> Let me just start by apologizing over the recent AUDUSD loss as the market
> moved sharply after FOMC's recent rate decision and the change of its
> statement reflecting the dire situation that the U.S. economic is at.
> I am at a loss of words to express how awful I felt after seeing AUDUSD
> dropping 500 pips in 15 hours this morning, and I want to assure you that
> I
> am carefully watching the market and planning our next trade signal
> accordingly... I believe pending on the reactions on Friday, we may get
> an
> opportunity next week for another trade.
> With that being said, the GBPJPY trade is still ongoing as I believe JPY
> has reached a strong support area and GBPUSD has also found temporary
> support. The next move from BOJ could very well come next week, therefore
> I am still going to be holding on the GBPJPY trade, and hopefully we will
> get out of it with some profits.
> I am going to issue shorter term trades and I promise to keep our
> stop/loss
> at all times. I guess recent stream of winning trades got to my head as
> I
> became too confident over our trading decisions... I promise it will not
> happen again, and I want to thank you for your support and kind
> understanding in this matter. I believe the same way I was able to
> recover
> from $2500 balance back to close to $9000 in a couple of months, I could
> do
> it again, I just need a little more time...
> Thank you again,
> Henry Liu

Well we will just see if Henry LIE takes shorter term trades and keeps his SL on this time but a CON-MAN will never change as hes done it from day one

Henry LIE balance is a bit over 5k and he has 3.3lot long in GBPJPY that's over 700pips in the red with no SL and not much free margin left

Henry LIE had to take a hit on his long AUDUSD trade that had no SL on to stop him from getting margin call

Henry LIE is not a GURU trader just a lousy CON-MAN stay away;)
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It was me.

Lol. I think I can answer one question about getting contact details for you.

Why, when you reply to a post does "http://www.4xlearning.com/" come up in the trackback box as already 'pinged'?
'Trackback' is the box directly under where you type you message.
Now I suppose I'll be getting emails from 4xlearning everyday!!!
Is this how contact details are passed on?

Okay reason I am posting. This is a rare occurrence for me these days. I no longer frequent forums and trading sites. I just get on with doing what I do.

I have just started using the currency strength tool the last couple of days. Only just found it; and it ties in nicely with a couple of other fx tools I use.
(Incidentally. Whoever came up with this... Good job for putting this tool 'out there'. Very handy to have).

Anyway, I flicked through the rest of the site after trading for me finished on Friday and saw the scam section and this Henry Lui thread.

Some of the early posts mentioned that they thought the 100k to a million trader were lies and that he didn't exist.
Well to set the record straight, he does.

But I didn't converse with Henry over the phone. It was e mail only.
I had previously found his currency strength meter a few weeks earlier, and dropped him a line to say thanks for coming up with the tool.
After I had topped the mil, I sent another e mail. (Can't remember if I sent a screen shot of account or not... Think I did though) and said he could use my achievement in anyway he saw fit.

I was solely using his mk 2 version and turned the 100k to 200k in two days on a demo account. When I did that I just thought I would see how far I could take it, and set out for a million in a month. I failed on that one.
I took it to a million in 2 or 3 days short of the month! I think I eventually took the account up to 64 million before I got bored with it.

Shortly after this Henry brought out his 10k to whatever programme. Not sure where he got the idea from, but hey.

I was lucky.
I got a 3 to 4 day run on a pair and hammered the hell out of it. I won't go into details of how I did it, but it was hard work.
The tool helped a lot, but like any shiny new 'toy' the shine comes off after a while. It was not and never will be the be all and end all indicator you think you need. But for a free indicator that only ran on mt4. (The newest version runs on anything and is still free) it can be pretty useful. Seeing as 99% of mt4 indicators are rubbish, including the ones people charge for, this one is good, I still use it today.

I was getting Henry news trading announcements sent to me and I looked into that for a while. Found out how he traded the news, and what he was saying was making sense. But at that time a lot of his news trades were not hitting their triggers to get into the market and were no trades. The ones I saw that were triggered were mixed results. I saw some good live trades and some bad live trades. One of the bad trades I actually got into and let it run because Henry was talking sense about it. A Swiss or Canadian trade. Can't remember now.
It blew a small account out of the water!

Not Henrys fault or the Swiss government fault or the Japanese government fault or the Americans fault, but MY fault. I was that twat that let the thing run against me. I got 20 trading years telling me I am a twat for letting that happen, oh and Sod, I blame him. His law will always get you into trouble!

Henry started a fx forum answers and question site and ran a competition, I was one of the winners and received his course materials and inclusion into the trading circle. This is how I got to see the live trading. The course materials turned up at my house in England about a week after the contest ended.
My interest in news trading was piqued once more and I learnt Henrys' methods. I used to news trade a long time ago with poor success. This was just after trading came on line and lets just say some brokers were a bit tricky to work with. I have a whole bank of stories I could tell you about, but this is not the time or place.

The methods of news trading I learnt from Henry were good and well grounded. In live trading they worked sometimes and other times they didn't.
This is trading.

Would I have paid the money out for the course, had I not won a place?
5K I think it was priced out at.

Answer: No.

Not with over 20 trading years experience behind me.
Would I have paid if I were a 'newbie' to trading?
Well you have to learn somewhere. and it will 'cost' you one way or another.
I wouldn't or couldn't class myself as a consistently profitable trader until ten years had passed by. A long, long apprenticeship.
So it would have been a short cut. But ALL the information is now 'out there'. The tricky bit is finding it in the right order and format that is right for you.

Is Henry a scammer?

Not for me to say.
His strength lies in the news trading.
I don't think he is a good a trader as he thinks he is. (My opinion only of course). After seeing some of the live trades I am a far better trader. But we all have bad spells.

Lets see though.
All the 'systems', indicators, methods, robots etc that are out there, all work given the right conditions.
Bet you thought you would never read that eh?
The key words though are 'given the right conditions'.

Market dynamics change constantly, rendering 'bots' absolutely useless, they cannot adapt quick enough. After all, they are just chunks of script/code on you computer, running under fixed conditions. They cannot 'think' for themselves and can only work when certain codes/conditions are met.

You really think a 'bot' will make you rich?
I have tested hundreds over the years and not one works for longer than 2/3 days tops. Not saying good bots are not out there. Just that the likes of us will NEVER get hold of them. Large banks and institutions use machines for trading, but beware of the guy that 'stole' the secrets/software. is now lying low, making thousands a day but will sell you the robot for 49 dollars.

Are just that. They work until they don't
Learn price trading That is all that counts. Indicators cannot exist without that price moving on the chart, indicators are derived from the price moving on the chart. Learn to read the price first hand and don't get second hand info from indicators.

Now. Always be aware of a master trader doing live trading that is after you subscribing to a service and he is trading on a DEMO account.
The B.S. detector should be around the 9 mark on a scale of ten.

Unless you see live trades and the outcome on live accounts for yourself, Never believe a word.

If you think you have been 'scammed'. You need to get solid proof. Group together and start a class action suit (I think that's what you yanks call it)
If you haven't got a case your lawyer will tell you soon enough. If you have, well, haven't FXCM just been fined 2 million or billion for basically scamming 'clients'?

Learn to trade yourself people. Far better you pay your dues to the market yourself than have someone else throw your hard earned away for you.

Never believe promises on the internet or on forums, most of it are all lies. People are trying to steal money from you.
99% are lies. (I even found out a couple of things about Felix a few years ago. Anyone seen him lately?)

The only one that I can trust to tell the truth is me.
But I probably will not appear on another forum for a few more years if at all.

Oh. When I was at Henrys my name was different.

Take care.



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Lol. I think I can answer one question about getting contact details for you.

Why, when you reply to a post does "http://www.4xlearning.com/" come up in the trackback box as already 'pinged'?
'Trackback' is the box directly under where you type you message.
Now I suppose I'll be getting emails from 4xlearning everyday!!!
Is this how contact details are passed on?
When replying, if you look above the line that says "Already pinged:", you will see a box labeled "Send Trackbacks to (Separate multiple URLs with spaces):"

Someone used that to ping 4xlearning. It's a method for for forums to place references to other websites. There is no way for those trackbacks to grab anyone's email addresses.


Don't worry he going to deserve what is coming to him...me and a bunch of others are making sure of it.
Please keep us posted with any progress

This CON-MAN really needs to be stopped from blowing up anymore newbie traders accounts

They can do that on their own without paying a so called GURU trader (CON-MAN) along the way

Beware neither Henry LIE or his SCAMMIN robot can trade for **** STAY AWAY from Henry LIE SCAMS;)



You should set up a demo account and take counter trades to all Henry's trades and see if you can get 10k to 1 mil. Maybe like 200 pip TP, his drawdowns seem to be every bit of that on average.