Scam - Beware the scumbags


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I'm opening this thread to alert all other members about the most horrid experience with

They are a signal service provider and they claim to make on average about 200 Pips every month.

I think they take the word 'Scumbag' to a whole new level.

1) The Free Trial Trap

In the first instance, it is easy to fall for their 'Free Trial' offer.

Truth is the free trial hides the open price/stops/target levels. Just gives you the symbol with a link to subscribe. Below is how their free trial email looks like.


Bear in mind that they don't have an unsubscribe link. Repeated attempts to contact them to unsubscribe doesn't help.

2) The real truth

Now if you brush aside the above issue and do subscribe to their signal service, which is $78/qrtr, then you're in for a real treat.

This is how their signals look like:


Notice their stop losses?

Immediately upon getting the above two signals, I contacted them to stop sending me the signals and to refund my $78.

While they were quick to stop sending me the signals, they haven't yet issued a refund (the case is currently escalated to Paypal where PP is expecting an answer from these scumbags until 16th June).

In the mean time I'm currently in contact with the host/registrar to resolve their automated spam.

For those considering here's the proof, stay away
Wow. That's a free trial where you get exactly what you paid - nothing! :p

Love the SL on the real signals. Probably not a world record, but the biggest I've seen in a long time.
So paypal has issued me a refund as the other party did not respond to their email (Have to wait another 5 days though to get the amount back in my account).

OVH seems to have done their bit in regards to their spam... at least haven't received any more spam from them today.