HeroOptions.com Is a Scam, Boiler Room


Master Sergeant
This is security warning against one of the binary options companies which operates in the UK - HeroOptions
The platform is operated by Marshall Advanced Innovation LTD. which is famous of being a boiler room. The FCA UK had issued a warning against that company on 27 April 2015 for being unregulated! This company operates another website - www.ksftrade.com which is another boiler room website that is ready to take your deposit!

How I noticed that they are scam?! Here's the story...

Today, I received a call from a lady who claimed to had found my number from her secretary. She told me that she is working with HeroOptions and she asked me to go to the website immediatele and open an account with them. When I opened the website and checked it, I refused to open any accounts and she got really angry. She told me that the company was regulated and one of the largest companies in the UK ( really?! ). She's got hundreds of happy clients who make huge money and she would risk no more than 7-8% of my money and earn for me at least 7-8% interest on top of my deposit ( she was a conservative "trader" ). She kept convincing me that the binary options are really profitable trading instruments and if I am not satisfied with the results, I could always trade Forex with them ( They really offer "trading" on forex pairs. ). She used my experience to keep convincing me that I could really benefit from their service but at some point, she was ready to give up and she wanted to transfer me to his manager who could help me in getting out of my comfort point ( I told her with which brokers I am dealing with and how many years they operate in that field ). She then managed to leave our call "for tomorrow".

Here are some key points that would help you to avoid scams:

  • Do not accept cold calls! If you were involved in a cold call, beware, this is 99% scam call. Companies keep clients' data safe and do not call to ask you to make a deposit.
  • Always check the company which you are dealing with. Internet reviews, regulator's official page, company houses...You should know anything about that company. Beware of "cloned companies", always check company's name twice and look for ANY difference like small and capital caps. It is important!
  • Do not process your deposit when someone asks you! These are your money and it is up to you to decide whether to invest or not! Such decision should be taken after careful analysis of benefits, company details, reviews, scam reports, regulators warnings etc.
  • Do not leave anyone to trade on your behalf. If you do so, ask for his/her license. The person should be licensed and authorised to trade from your behalf.
  • Do not follow signals that come from the same company you are currently trading with. If an account manager has offered you such service, use it with caution!!!
  • Do not believe on stories like "We got your number from our secretary", "You had account with another company, I was your account manager but I left that company and I am currently working with another so I would like to offer you new conditions bla-bla-bla"

If you already have account on these websites - HeroOptions OR www.ksftrade.com, try to withdraw anything on your account.
The case has some development...
Today, I was contacted by some manager, Mr. X with surname Smith. He was talking about how successful he was, too. I just refused any operations with them and he promised that he would transfer me to the woman I've spoken with yesterday, despite my refusal.

Several minutes ago, I was contacted by a guy who representet as "Dave". He also tried to convince me that they offer one of the best conditions BUT after I said that there's an active warning against Marshall Advanced Innovation LTD., he said that he is not familiar with any warnings and he would check that. After 3 seconds, he just rang off.

Do not open accounts with companies which just cold calling you. Successful businesses would never risk cold calling their clients with some promises.
Just think about how someone has got your number? He/She is calling you and asking you to open an account. Is it legal to steal personal information?! Obviously, it is not!
If you are using a smartphone, just download some app which helps you to identify the number which is shown on your screen.
Blacklist this number: +44 20 3695 8777

I hope that this time, we could prevent a scam case with this company....
As always, don't do business with telemarketers. Even if they aren't scams, any company that uses this tactic qualifies as scum.
Thank you for the heads up. Indeed i also received numerous calls from this exact number, which is now under my Auto Reject List in my mobile phone.
Do not open accounts with companies which just cold calling you. Successful businesses would never risk cold calling their clients with some promises.
Just think about how someone has got your number? He/She is calling you and asking you to open an account. Is it legal to steal personal information?! Obviously, it is not!

Totally agree
Hi there, opened an account with these guys to see what they were all about. Decided within an hour that they were not for me. Had numerous emails and skype calls to convince me otherwise...... I told them that they were not suitable for trading strategy and lacked the confidence in their company to commit any further. I asked them to forward any impartial links that rated their services as high as they claimed them to be, but to no avail other then them blowing their own trumpet.

Anyhow I got tiered of their pestering and reported them to FCA, who asked me to also report it to action fraud, which I did.

I let the company know of my displeasure and that I had reported them, as this was my morale obligation so that other less savvy individuals are not duped with false promises of great riches beyond their beliefs.

Any how got an email from their compliance team asking me to retract my comments about them being fraudulent otherwise they will use legal means against me. I retorted by saying that I had said nothing more then what was already available on the internet and that I honestly believed that the company was never going to act honestly with their clients. The Boiler Room experience is what comes to mind, high pressure sales to bag your money. Well they said they will be using legal means against me, I replied saying that if an apology was not forthcoming that I would seek legal representation to file a case of harassment against them.

Lets see, I left the ball in their court.......
Lets see, I left the ball in their court.......

This is the tactit of all scammers. They always use "legal measures" against people who classify them somehow. It was a good decision to withdraw your funds and we all hope that you will receive the whole amount.
Don't ever do business with people who call you. They are criminals who are stealing personal information from other companies. Firstly, they would say that you have an account with them and this is how they got your number. Several seconds later, they will ask you to open an account with them...it is something that I call a "misunderstanding".

...but there are people who believe in their words. Just browse the forum to check the cases. There are hundreds of them against binary optoins companies. Just stay away from such companies. If you want to trade binary options, there are several forex brokers offering this type of betting.
If they try to take "legal measures", they will have to send someone to court who can be questioned about your withdrawal, the names of the real owners, etc.

I don't see that happening.
I never got to the point of depositing, despite their various tactics and perseverance in taking my hard earned cash! They are sharks, pretending to be someone their not and with no intention of serving you honestly! I'm never going to sign with any Binary Broker..... as I believe there are far better reputable platforms and companies out there that are transparent and governed!