HF Markets (SV) LTD Scammed me $1811 Profit.

On 18 July i opened an account with HF Markets (SV) LTD. after i got verified. i deposited $1804.10 to my Wallet no 268932 and transfer to my trading account 1109041 and i got 30% rescue bonus on my deposit. and my total was $2345.33 . on 20 July i start trade and make make profit $1811.

After few hours later i got this email from "Client Audit SV" clientauditsv@hotforex.com

[HF#102519730] Termination Notice for Wallet 268932

Dear Mr. Corlette,

We would like to inform you that HF Markets (SV) Ltd (herein “the Company”) has decided to terminate its business relationship with you in accordance with Clause 26.2. of the Account Opening Agreement between the Company and you as our Client dated 18-07-2016 (herein “the Agreement”).

This email constitutes a notice of termination given by the Company to you as per Clause 26.2. of the Agreement.

Please note further that the Company will proceed with the cancellation of all your trades and any profits/loss made thereof.

You should submit a withdrawal request from your wallet in order to withdraw your initial deposit, which corresponds to the amount of 1,804.10 USD, within 2 (two) business days from today.

We would like to thank you for your collaboration and wish you every success in your future endeavours.

Kind Regards,

Client Audit Team

according to Clause 26.2. of the Account Opening Agreement which is : Either party has right to terminate cooperation immediately by the giving written notice to the other. Termination will not affect any accrued rights. the company will provide the notice to the client either by the phone or email (or both).

that's it. Now i don't know what is going on.? why they did this.? what i have done wrong.
Why i took Hotforex ...?. I thought hotforex is a Good broker because they have Good reviews but they Scammed me..
the screenshots are uploaded .. please have a look.
Now i am waiting for there respond. If they refuse to pay my profit then i will Contact these Regulation and registration companies Financial Firm and submit my claim.
Licenses and Regulation


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Invite them to come and join this thread.

There are some circumstances where profits can be confiscated. I'd have to know more details to have any firm idea of exactly what is going on.
i got this email form then

Dear Mr. Corlette,
Following our previous email please note that during the standard procedural checks which have been conducted by the Company regarding the documents you have provided as well as your trading activity with the Company since the beginning of the business relationship, it is evident that you have breached the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement and have acted against all applicable laws.

Note further that the Company is aware that you have provided false and/or fake and/or inappropriate identification documents and such an action constitutes a breach of contract and/or is illegal and/or illegitimate and/or subject to a petition and/or claim to the relevant Courts.

The Company has located and keeps in its records the IP address from where you have been trading, your trading activity from the beginning of the business relationship along with any documents you have provided and any checks conducted on your profile.

The Company is also aware that you have been posting defamatory and/or slanderous information on various forums which is also subject to a petition and/or claim for defamation to the relevant Courts.

This email constitutes a warning that should you continue posting on various forums defamatory and/or slanderous and/or deceptive information about the Company, the Company will proceed with a lawsuit against you claiming damages for breach of contract and/or damages for defamation and/or any other damages the Court deems fit.

You are reminded that you can submit a withdrawal request from your wallet in order to withdraw your initial deposit forthwith.
Kind Regards,"

If this is final answer then i am going to contact to the regulators.
Please Note . i gave them Approx 10 days to solve this issue but no response from there side.
My identity documents are 100% original scanned Doc. i can provide the notarized documents for further verification. My profit my account and my Documents are 100% legit.

The point is if they think my Documents are not original than why they approved my account ? why they let me trade .??.
and when i make profit they start these dramas and cut my profit and explaining me this bull ****... Of IP address.
have i request for withdrawal yet ? NO. they only see that this client make profit on his first trade. let take its profit.
and tell me what if i lose the whole amount then will they reverse my payment ??? that your Documents are fake and we are refunding you redeposit to your account.?
NO No.. They will not. They are scammers.

and yes there last email they guys think that i will not react on this i will definitely take my profit from them.

i am submitting my case against HF Markets (SV) Ltd to these regulators.
  • Incorporated in SVG
  • Registration number 22747 IBC 2015
  • Licensed by Cysec - MiFid Compliant
  • Licence number: 183/12
  • Licensed by the FSC
  • Licence number: C110008214
  • Registered with the FCA (UK)
  • Registration number: 600473
  • Registered with BaFin (Germany)
  • Registration number: 6057
  • Membership in Bourse (Africa)
i will not spare them... this was my money . i will not let them to take it .


If there is a problem with your ID, that would be grounds for refunding only the initial deposit (assuming it wasn't lost). I would want to know why the ID was not verified sooner. That is a possible violation of regulations in some jurisdictions.