HFX my withdrawal


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HFX my withdrawal - SCAM ??


I am not having return of my withdrawal request.

I sent a second request today (11/out/11) in the hope of being met.

The email was sent to "support@hfx.com" followed the guidelines of the site.

The deadline for withdrawal is 5 days.

The Post will remain open until you get a response from HFX.

see you soon

Carla Mingoti
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Now can not access my account. She's account as invalid!!

I do not want to believe it!

What bothers me most is the silence! It is the lack of respect for customers of good faith!

Please. Help-me!!

Carla Mingoti


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I sent an email to Mr. Guy Barak (the cheff dealer broker) and my account was active again, however, got no response from my withdrawal.

Waiting ....



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I just received a response from HFX (see below).
I honestly do not know for what reason suspected my account however, await the decision.

I saved my complete history proving the real negopciações with time and size.

For many, many times I've had my account on margin call, and luckily did not break it.

I operate manually.

My account was relativametne large (equity) as the HFX has some rules to serve I knew I was only after opening the account and make a profit. I was forced to reach a size of 125 lots, in order to make the withdrawal. I ended up having a good profit with these orders and I believe that HFX was not prepared for that!

I will keep informed.


De: HFX Dealing Room [mailto:dealing@hfx.com]
Enviada em: quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2011 06:49
Para: cmingoti@###
Assunto: Account ####### - Suspected Fraud

Dear Client,

We have received your WD request. However, we have detected a suspicious activity in your trading account and therefore, your account is currently under detection!

Please be aware of the consequences in case we will find any attempt to fraud or the fact that you took advantage any technological failures in the platform.

We will update you in the next few days about the results, probably at the end of next week.

We apologize for the inconveniences.



Dealing Room
Tel: +442031500432
Fax: +442031500180"


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Ah, the dreaded compliance audit. This usually happens when a bucket shop decides that a trader has been too profitable, tries to withdraw, and the broker wants to not hand out the money owed.

If they accuse you of breaking any rules, demand to know exact details of which trades broke which rules.


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In 21/set/2011 I made a withdrawal request is that I was detained for reasons of "rules" of the company.

Unfortunately the lack of information from Mr. Andre L. "Horacio" ess was decisive in question. He had not told me that it was
must complete 125 lots to be able to take my profit and invested capital.

At this point, I do not know what to do! Never had lots operated so high!

I thought I would lose money with this function (which almost happened several times). Often, my margin was less than 100%!

Distressed, I designated the monitor and leave the front of the PC.

This is easily proven through the history of my negotiations. I confess that I often open orders without thinking, in order to meet the demands of your business (125 lots).

Further increase my account!

I'm anxious and waiting for an ethical and fair resolution.




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My account has been canceled!

Hello my friends!

I am sorry to be writing this topic, but desperately need help!

I'm in the Forex market for some time and since then work with some brokers.

Recently I opened an account in HFX.com the beginning was pretty cool.

I made an initial deposit of $ 1,000.00 and earned a bonus of $ 500.00.

After operating for some time, I could do a lot of about 5k. On this occasion, I made a withdrawal request in the amount of 4k therefore planned to stay with a small value even in your account to move it.

Soon after the withdrawal request, Mr. Andre L. (Brazilian) who at the time was using a pseudo name Horacio Cardoso said I could not draw anything until a minimum volume of 125 lots! (Look how absurd!) That were the rules of the company, he did not know that and so on. etc.. etc..

I put my tail between my legs and I operate.

Deep down I knew that money was lost, for 125 lots for me was unimaginable and intangible.

To my amazement (and to the astonishment of HFX) I could make my 125 lots, in fact did much more than that, reaching a total amount in my account from Us $ 18,049.61.

Believing that it was correct and that would meet for my values, I made a withdrawal request on 06/out/11 worth U.S. $ 10,000.00 leaving a net book value of over 7k so it could continue operating.

It took a few days and I received an email saying "Account 8557545 - Suspected Fraud." C
onfesso that at first did not understand what they were suggesting, for my operations were done manually and several times my account was "red" and my margin level below 100%.

For about 3 or 4 times, I broke my account, but when I was coming close to breaking it, the market turned and the situation improved account.

I kept a long, tense dialogue with Mr. Guy Barak who is responsible for the company, just defending myself from unfounded accusations of fraud.

In this dialogue, had the misfortune to say that I tried to break into the enterprise server. This is ridiculous!,

Just today (20/out/2011) I received a "final verdict":

"Dear Clara,

We regret to inform you with the final resolution of the risk management detection regarding your trades and trading behavior.

We have a found a number of trades which in you took advantage to hack the system and is considered 100% as abusive and offensive behavior.
As we already explained you and its written in HFX’s trading agreement, we will not accept traders which are making fraudulent activities and prohibited transactions.
Apparently, you are not that innocent trader as you describe yourself!

As a result, we have decided to disable your trading account and cancel ALL trades you have made! Your trading account will be closed immediately and you will no longer be able to trade at HFX.
However, we are not interested to take your own money you have deposited and therefore, the company will consider refunding your initial deposit of 1,000$.

This resolution is final.

Please send us your Liberty Reserve account in order to process the refund.

We hope you will find this as fair resolution, and will try not to make any fraudulent activities and prohibited transactions with any other Forex companies.



Risk Management Department representative"

In short, my account was disabled (not login again, is as inactive) and are willing to give me a consolation prize is that my initial deposit!

I replied to this e-mail, giving them another opportunity to review this decision in order to avoid inconveniences for everyone involved.

After some research on the internet, I learned that HFX Guy and Mr. Barak and Mr. Horacio Cardoso, or rather L. Andre are working in the same StartForex, which in the past caused damage to thousands of dollars to many person.

Honestly, I am very frustrated with what happened. I feel like a complete idiot to have believed in this company as well as the professionals who work there.

I will wait until tomorrow for them to pronounce.

I hope this space I am sadly opening, can help me to receive that amount!

Thank you

Carla Mingoti



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If you haven't already done so, leave a 1 star review for them. Send an email to them pointing them to this thread and ask them to tell you exactly how your trades attempted to "hack the system".