HFX robbed me


My Story with HFX.com

After coming across this forum, and clearly is one that is heavily look at by all forex traders, i would like to share my side of my catastrophic story with HFX.com

My story with them started exactly on 20th january, 2013 where i received a call from someone who identified himself as an employee of HFX. He started explaining to me the company's portfolio and how his company works with commodities, Forex and a lot of investment tools.

I asked him to provide me with more details on what he claims from registrations and licenses of operation to my email. (attached)

He asked me to register on the company's website and indeed i did on 23/01/2013. The username and password were emailed to me and after a few hours i received a call from a person who identified himself as "Shadly Onalla" asking me to deposit 10000USD to get a VIP account where he will manage the account and trading , as he is considered to be with a vast experience in this field (so he claims).
He said, "I will multiply your funds in no time with my experience".

On 29/01/2013, they debited my credit card with 10000USD and indeed shadly Onalla started trading with profits not exceeding a couple of hundreds of dollars in a trick to convince me to deposit more money!
Two months later, i increased my deposits, as Shadlly promised to increase the profits by triple as GOLD is moving up in price in march. 2013.

He started opening losing contracts and the loss was increasing by the day. During the period from march to june 2013 i made a lot of calls to shadlly. He responded that things are normal and no need to worry. Whats needed is just more money to lift the margin up and he kept insisting on it.

I did inject more money into the account as per his advice and promise to give me back my money.

In June, i asked hime to transfer 30,000 USD back to my account. He said its against the policy of the company! The policy insisted that profits can only be taken after opening certain number of contracts.
He continued opening losing contracts and promising to send my money back. The more money i injected , the more losses were incured by shadly on my account.

By the End of July, precisely on 27/07/2013 shadly asked for more money with a promise that he will pay me a bonus on my deposit. Another tactic to have me inject more money. He also promissed that by 12/08/2013 he will send me back 80,000 USD to my account.

Since then the capital fell from 40,000USD to 5000USD on 08/08/2013. On 12/08/2013 i was out of the country for medical reasons, i tried calling shadly and emailing him to send me the 80,000 USD he promised but never got
any response whatsoever.

When i returned back, i again called him to ask about the account; he said all is fine and we are just waiting for the market to change directions. ( what he didn't tell me was that the account was closed and he was purely lying!!)

I tried logging in myself to find out that im unable to. I again called him about this issue. He resent the password.

I logged in and here i saw the stunning shock. All contracts have been closed with a loss of all profit and even the capital! i got devastated with this!

Shadly calimed that it was HFX's policy to close the accounts! How can they close the accounts without my knowledge? Why didn't they ask me to inject more money to save the account?

He offcourse had no reply.

Shadly calls me the next day to tell me that he convinced Accounting to deposit 10,000USD into my trading account so he can regain my my capital.

In breif, i have been scammed by HFX with the amount of 126650 USD (one hundred and twenty six thousand and six hundred and fifty dollar using my credit cards, HFX refused transferring any of the profits back to me.
The have lost all my money and i have never ever traded any contract by my own.

Would you investors allow this to happen? Isn't it a SCAM to loot my hard earned money!

I ask your help to relieve me from the devastation im in and helping me getting my money back from them.


Ayman Al Shayeb


IMMEDIATELY, call the issuing bank or banks for your credit cards. Ask to speak to someone in the fraud department. Explain the whole situation carefully and ask if a charge-back is an option.

DO NOT delay. There are deadlines for this.

After you do that, report back here and I or someone else will give you some more suggestions for additional steps to take.


I have already done a chargeback on HFX and the bank is processing it.
Also, please find below an email sent from Shaddly Onalla from HFX. Its in arabic so i will translate the contents to show how they are a bunch of thiefs!!

Dear Mr Ayman,

Account # 16315896

I the undersigned Shadly Onalla and as agreed between us (on 24.07.2013 20:30 HRS KSA local time).
A deposit of $25,000 and a support from HFX with $10,000 to save your account and the return of your funds as soon as possible.

According to the strategy and Plan placed, depositing the above amount in addition to the HFX support, i will work to get your account back to $120,000
which includes a bonus of $33,000 on which we will transfer $80,000 from your trading account on 12.08.2013. After that we will have pre-agreed transfers to you at later dates.


Your Account Manager, Shadly onallah

end of translation

My credit card was charged on 25/07/2013 with the amounts mentioned above!
And all of what was said by Shadly was a bunch of LIES!!


Ayman Alshayeb


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They've just gotten a scam finding. Go ahead and post a copy of your story in this thread:


and include a link back to this thread. Without more traders sharing what happened, someone will try to explain away those 3 cases as exceptions and claim that the HFX didn't really deserve a SCAM label.

Did you get that complaint filed with econsumer.gov?

Ask your bank and local police if they know of anywhere in your country where you can file an internet-based financial fraud complaint. If they name one, please post it here so that others will be able to find it.


Dear All,

I was surprised with an email (attached below) sent by HFX.com threatening me to pull back my chargeback against them with a lawsuit!

If they were non-fraudelent, why dont they answer back....i wonder!!?


Ayman Alshayeb

Dear Sir,

The Company (HFX GLOBAL) has learned that you have applied for a charge-back transaction on your credit card, and deny your agreement with the Company.

As you know, you have agreed to our terms and conditions and have declared, according to the said terms, that there is no legal obstacle to your engagement with the Company.

You should know that the above action taken by you is against several international credit card clearance laws and regulations, and may be considered as an attempt to COMMIT FRAUD against the Company, punishable in the applicable court in your jurisdiction and internationally .

The Company has instructed the Company's legal advocates to file legal procedures against you, in your jurisdiction and any additional applicable jurisdiction of governing body, such as Interpol, credit institutions and more.

You are hereby given the opportunity to stop the filing of the above legal procedures against you, by contact the legal department to this e-mail in the next 48 hours. This is the last notice before taking legal actions.


Legal Department

HFX Global Ltd.

Tel: +442031500432
Fax: +442031500180
Email: legal@hfx.com