Hi everyone, let's get started


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Hi! I hope you did well and you' re happy. It's very important to get a good start. And I think that you started your trading journey just fine. If you have any problems or questions, just let us know) It's okay when you're not doing good at something, we're still learning. Good luck to you, fella!


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Hi to this community,

I would to say hi to everyone and wish all trading success as possible! I am from Spain, and after more than 2 years trading in demo i am gonna start with real money (hope to get my account funded today).

Thanks to the guys that make possible this community I ve been learning a lot during this time.

All the best
How have things been going for you ? I’ve only recently gone live too.


Good luck in your journey and just remember don’t risk more than you can afford to lose and remember what you’ve learnt


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Thanks every one!

I am bit angry with IC Markets (I choose them, yes)about my deposit. Looks like there a some hidden fees that they don't tell you and as they said is not possible to get information about this fees cause it comes from the banks... OMG

I have sent through International wire transfer (they say no fees from their side) some USD to my Eur account in that broker. They said there is no fees for currency exchange just equivalent rate. But in the end I get 11% less of the money i have sent! That's crazy, and they only said that is my bank fees (my bank said no) or intermediary bla bla bla.

Do you have any issue like that when funding via international wire transfer?

Any other way to fund with less commisions even exchanging currencies?

Thanks in advance
Sorry to hear you have had issues with fees. Have you stuck with the same broker or tried others? How are you finding trading?