Hi everyone!


I think it's a cool place here so I decide to join.

Forex came into my life since November last year. I opened a live account at Interbank FX and deposited my first $500. Then I lost them in a week after. From then on I bought some books and have a study on Forex. The second time I deposited $1000 and I lost them in 2 weeks. After that I deposited another $1000, $500, $800... Until now I've lost about almost $10000. I'm in debt now. I find I always lost money after I won. The biggest fault in my trades is that there are too many trades. Too many trades mean too many mistakes. So I lost money so quickly. Greed made me do so but only resulted in failure. So I learn the most important principle in Forex trades is discipline. Just like army. I should obey basic principles that experts tell us.

Since I'm so young, I don't think I'm a loser. But my school fee is too much. Now I'm learning some EAs and hope them helpful.

Wish me and everyone here success!