Hi, I've just joined


Lt. Colonel
I'm just starting to learn so I'm hoping to find lots of knowledge here :)
Welcome to FPA Cassy,

Take a look at this link Forex Military School and start your Forex Journey (improve Forex knowledge)

There are a few articles written by Pharaoh on some subjects you might find useful (broker selection, avoiding scams, etc.). You'll find most of them here:


Use below link to contact fpa if you have any questions.

And, if you got any question then feel free to write here. We are more than happy to assist our members.
Have a great day :)


Welcome, you will certainly find lots of info here. If there are any questions you have just ask, everyone is really helpful and there's a lot of experienced traders. I have only been trading for around 12 months so I am still learning. All the best in your trading journey


I'm just starting to learn so I'm hoping to find lots of knowledge here :)
Welcome to the world of the forex market and we hope you will be here for the long haul.

Treat getting into the forex market like making the decision to go for higher education. Be prepared for lots of hard work & dedication to be the best in your endeavor. Even the best of the best has to start somewhere. As an ancient Chinese saying goes, "The journey of a thousand miles start with a single step".

If you have been involved in business/ventures, then you should know that planning, strategies, and good management is the key to success....and, of course, the necessary capital.

Good luck and wishing you a pleasant & successful forex journey.