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Discussion in 'Hello and Welcome' started by eliezer, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. eliezer

    eliezer Recruit

    Dec 31, 2007
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    Hi there! I am a newbie (a married guy) from Asia and the reason for trading in forex is to generate passive income so that I can have the freedom to do what I like after achieving financial independent...hehe.

    In fact, as a Certified Financial Planner for more than 5 years, I have never seen the returns that forex can generate. Though still quite skeptical about it and had tried many EAs but sadly didn't achieve the results as reflected in their websites, I hope that thru ForexDiamonds, I can help both myself and my clients to achieve financial independent.

    One good thing I like is that it does not attract people by posting results/performance like most forex websites do. In addition, I can feel that Felix is a good person with a genuine heart to help others.

    Good works! And All the Best! Whatever we do, do it with a sincere heart and a clear conscience!

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