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High minus Low Average Daily Ranges foe 28 currency pairs for the year 2009

Discussion in 'Market Predictions and Reports' started by oscar lopez, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. oscar lopez

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    Aug 17, 2009
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    Hello fellow traders. The following is a study of the high minus low average daily range for 28 currency pairs for the twelve months of the year 2009. I made this study because I want to know what pairs are the ones that has the greatest movement in a daily basis. I calculated them using the following formula.
    Average Daily Range=ABS(daily high-daily low)*100 for JPY pairs and *10000 for the other pairs. The values are in pips daily. Soon I am going to make other analysis and statistical research in the pairs that I hope share with you. I take the data from the FXCM platform. If you need the tables please email me to lopezoscari@gmail.com, they are in openoffice.org format. All yur comments, ideas or doubts are welcome. Oscar Cabo Rojo PR, USA
    GBP/NZD 414.94
    EUR/NZD 343.59
    GBP/AUD 295.10
    GBP/JPY 287.38
    GBP/CAD 249.59
    EUR/AUD 233.23
    GBP/USD 225.06
    GBP/CHF 223.82
    EUR/JPY 214.06
    EUR/CAD 189.64
    EUR/USD 169.28
    AUD/JPY 169.04
    USD/CAD 165.44
    CAD/JPY 162.47
    NZD/JPY 143.95
    AUD/USD 142.21
    USD/CHF 137.84
    CHF/JPY 136.23
    AUD/NZD 134.12
    CAD/CHF 129.84
    AUD/CHF 127.92
    NZD/USD 125.61
    USD/JPY 124.01
    NZD/CHF 118.57
    AUD/CAD 118.19
    EUR/GBP 104.69
    EUR/CHF 81.62
    NZD/CAD 55.65

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