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Discuss HighLow.net

General discussions of a financial company
I have been trading with 2 brokers for a while and I have a smaller account with HighLow. Below I share my experience with them, all the advantages and disadvantages I have seen.

The platform is probably the simplest one I have seen across all competition. The price graph also highlights which direction the markets needs to move in order for a trade to win. This reduces the amount of trader mistakes. The firm use ‘High’ and ‘Low’ on the trading buttons (rather than Up/Down or Call/Put). No surprise here.

A negative of the trading area is the charts. There is little flexibility, features or options for technical analysis. This is a common fault among among binary brokers. Traders keen on technical analysis would be better off using separate charting software such as MT4 (MetaTrader4).


The range at HighLow do offer traders some good options. The list of assets is not as extensive as some rival brokers. These are likely to be added to as the brand grows.

These are the types of assets I traded but mainly stuck to the Turbos.

High/Low – Decide if the asset value will finish higher or lower than the current strike price. Expiry times of these go from 15 minutes up to ‘End of Day’ expiries.

High/Low Spread – Spread options differ in the payout and strike price. The basics remain the same as a standard High/Low trade. Payouts on the ‘spread’ options can reach 200%. You will however, need to make up the spread. So if the current market price on the UK100 is 7384.8 – traders might be presented with 7385.1 to go higher and 7384.5 to go lower. This spread is where the broker makes money – but does mean they can offer higher payouts.

Turbo – The same as a standard High / Low option. Turbos however, use very short time frames for expiry. So times range from 30 seconds to 1,3 or 5 minutes.

Turbo Spread – Short term versions of the High/Low Spread. Again, short term expiry times of 5 minutes and under – but with higher payouts than standard Turbos.

The range of markets to trade include stocks, commodities, indices and forex. The only full category is forex however. Other asset classes lack some depth. The major indices are all there, but commodities in particular are missing one or two popular assets. Anyone only trading major markets will be happy enough, others trading more exotic options might be disappointed. It is however, an area the brand could strengthen. A big minus with this broker is that they have no fancy stuff and by this I mean you can't trade on the weekend. Brokers like Binary, IQ, Spectre do allow that even though their assets may be synthetic?

Deposit And Withdrawal
HighLow offer a great range of deposit and withdrawal payment choices. One important note is that all client funds are held in a separate trust fund – i.e. not in the company accounts. The trust is operated by the National Australian Bank (NAB). This is reassuring for traders. This is a huge positive imho.

My withdrawals took around 1-2 days and sometimes were wired within a few hours.
Banton Group is inviting current and former purchasers of HighLow options to register their interest to participate in a potential class action on behalf of people who have suffered a loss as a result of purchasing HighLow options.

We have not reached a conclusion yet as to whether any claims can be brought, but if you purchased HighLow options during the period of 1 February 2015 up to and including today and would like to register your interest to join if we conclude a class action is appropriate, please send the following information to Banton Group at info@bantongroup.com:

Your name, address, email and telephone number;

The date(s) on which you purchased the HighLow options;

The number of options you bought on each date;

The price you paid per option on each date;

Any amounts recovered and/or lost as a result of each purchase;

If you sold any options, then please provide the date/dates, amount and price at which you sold them; and

Any document(s) which reflect this information.

Even if you only purchased a small number of options, or sold your options at some point during the relevant period, you may still be eligible to join the class and to register your interest.

Thank you,

Banton Group