Hihourly.com - Claims up to 1000% in 7 days

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Hi folks, I just found out another HYIP: hihourly.com

Brief description:

"Hi-Hourly Inv has an impressive, best-performing and consistent headway earned by some of the most talented managers, many of whom have acquired an exceptional reputation, outstanding quality of research, a strong combination of knowledge, skills and competence and long standing belief that working in partnership achieves the best results for clients.These professionals are the base of our global operations, and assist us in directing both the clients and our website towards success and profitability.
We have developed a best-in-class investment platform for anyone looking into investments as a source of income. One of our main goals is to help every our client to multiply their funds in a fast, convenient and easy way. Our investment plans are designed for any person who would like to acquire stable high profits from their investments"

I had to take a screenshot, I still can't believe on what my eyes are seeing: 1000% in 7 days, the company has been 87 days in the market and is reaching $1M in raised capital.

It's another company registered in Panama, along with investvilla.com, coincidence no?

Anyone heard about it? I have no choice but also post direct into the Scam Alert Session.


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Some more description:

"H-Hourly Inv LTD is an investment fund, which increases the return on stocks, bonds, but also in the Forex market. We also invest in other funds in the world. Our mission is to provide our investors with the possibility of increasing their income in a safe and prudent for the most diverse markets in order to obtain the highest rate of return. We are a group of people, who have won the cautious investing their money in the global financial market. The most important rule in trading money is diversification - minimize risk and generate maximum profit. Hi-Hourly Inv LTD is a solution that ensures prosperity and financial stability.

The success of Hi-Hourly Investment LTD is a combination of our traders' competency and adequate money management. Our traders are a strong team of professionals who are doing very well on even the most risky markets. High risk offers high returns and the art of a trader is the ability to take as much of it as possible on a regular basis. We are working as an investment pool, collecting multiple lower value investments and grouping them into one single HUGE investment, using those funds works on Bitcoin Mining and trading, Forex stock exchange and stock market, and generate outstanding returns. We then share back a portion of our revenue to our customers, who made an investment"

So where is the trading history? Which brokers they work with? No previous history of this company and it looks it just fell out of they sky, apparently there is a registration in England and Wales, perhaps we should call to verity the authenticity of this document.


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For my surprise, I ended up finding several similar investments like this, so I don't think there is need to keep creating threads for each one, they are all the same, promising extremely unrealistic returns, just don't fall for this guys, it's a clearly sign of Ponzi scheme. It just makes me sick how human being can be so dirty and try to take as much advantage as they can from people desperate to earn money, no matter how.

Those are some similar websites:


I removed the referral addresses, because the purpose is to investigate those type of investment, not to make anyone investing.

After finding so many HYIPS, I started to highly doubt about the main 3 companies that it's the main purpose of the investigation: FX10 Investments, Forex50 Investments and Elite Earners Club. There are now too many companies advertising the same products, similar funding methods and what they all have in common? All the investments are not regulated, although some of them are claiming to be. It's simply impossible for so many companies out there to be all legit, it's highly impossible, perhaps one or two have good intentions, but most of them will ending up scamming a lot of investors around the world, and unfortunately, it's impossible to bring it down all of them. If you get approached by any investor of so called social media friends, be very careful and deep investigate the company before putting a dime into it.
Don't believe those HYIP stats. They want to exaggerate deposits, number of investors, and payouts to try to lure more people in. I've seen brand new HYIPS claiming millions invested within a day or two of the websites coming online. "Hourly" HYIPS are incredibly unlikely to pay and will disappear much faster than those which claim weekly or monthly profit percentages.
These HYIPs, MLM, ponzi schemes are only meant to pay senior members from the funds paid by junior members, and moreover they eventually ends up by taking investors money.
Actually, quite a few HYIPS pay no one but the organizers. They post a bunch of fake numbers to make people believe they have a lot of clients and are making payouts, but some are pure deposit-only from day 1.
Actually, quite a few HYIPS pay no one but the organizers. They post a bunch of fake numbers to make people believe they have a lot of clients and are making payouts, but some are pure deposit-only from day 1.

Yeah, I completely agree, the question is, how can we make this investment stop? They look like a weed, it spreads out so quickly that when it's discovered, it's too late.

The only way I see is by education, once investors become more diligent, those type of investment will weaken, but it's a long path and FPA is doing great with many members doing their best to expose many type of HYIPS and Ponzi Schemes out there.
It depends on how much money they'll pay the HYIP rating sites. As long as too many of those show "paying", gullible people as well as greedy people hoping to grab some before it collapses will keep investing.