HKEXPro Scam (


As soon as I tried to withdraw, they said I needed to pay tax first… this I refused to do. Now the app crashed, and cannot seem to be reinstalled…
Yes, that happened to many people. It’s a scam. Do not pay any taxes. Happened to me too. I was not able to withdraw and was asked to pay 2k in taxes.

The Punisher

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Interesting. One of the banks I used to send cash to coinbase, closed my account because they didn’t want any association with crypto of any kind.
But any bank which honors a wire to coinbase has fulfilled their obligations, because I successfully purchased ETH. Is this correct? How can a small bank follow the subsequent transaction to a third party trading app? Sorry, I just don’t understand,, hence how i was duped,
Please file an IC3 report online with the FBI.