HND Global limited Scammers

Hello all
I have been scammed by a broker called HND Global ltd based in UK. I have lost more than $210,000 and now they stopped responding to my emails or chats. Not sure what to do next. I stay outside UK, and how to recover my funds.

The story goes as below:

On November 2021, I met a Chinese girl named (Gloria/Panpan) on Tiktok (+44 7862769717), she added me to her whatsapp and we chatted for a few days. She started discussing about MT4 platform and the broker she was working with. Although, I was not interested in the beginning, after a few weeks, she started showing screenshots of her profits and asked me to trade with a demo account and see the results. I applied for a demo account, and she started giving me trading signals and my account started giving good results.

In December, I opened a real account, and started following the same technique i.e. every day she will give me signals, and I traded based on that. I had invested around $150,000 and made amazing profits. Meanwhile, she started getting more and more close with me. She started sharing her photos, and stories about her family, etc.

In January, I thought of withdrawing the funds, that’s when I had been informed, that I have to pay 10% of the total amount, without which they won’t let me withdraw. Without thinking much I paid around $50,000 (how stupid of me !!!), that’s when they came up with another story that I have to pay additional 2% digital tax, this time I started googling about it and I did see news about 2% digital tax on crypto, and I paid again $10,000 (so foolish of me !!!). And again they started bringing new things, they said now that I have to follow certification of my wallet. For certification, I have to scan QR code (which leads to this link:, they said that I have to only pay $1 USDT to certify. I emptied my wallet, before clicking on this link. I noticed an unverified smart contract was granted full access to my wallet (on Ethereum approvals page). When I asked about this, they gave me some lame excuse. However, they said they will release my funds within 24 hours.

After a few hours, they came back and said, my wallet is empty and I need to deposit atleast 10% of my withdrawal funds again to my wallet. They kept on saying that I don’t have to pay again to them but instead just deposit to my wallet, after which they will release my funds. After googling, I understood that the unverified smart contract that got attached to my wallet when I scanned the QR code could withdraw all the funds in my wallet without my consent, thus, I declined this idea of theirs and asked them to release my funds as soon as possible.
This discussion went on for a few days, Meanwhile, their initial site which I was using ( went offline however they emailed instantly saying that they are facing some issues and will fix it at the earliest. Meanwhile, I can chat with their customer service on telegram. Same time, the Chinese lady was also consoling me stating that the funds will be released and there's no need to worry. However, I said I won’t deposit 10% again and insisted to release my funds as soon as possible.

Few days back, the Chinese lady deleted her WhatsApp account, even the telegram customer service deleted my conversation thread, also they stopped responding to my emails. Now I am really depressed, lost a lot of funds, not sure how to recover these funds. I had already invested and paid more than $210,000 to these scammers.

Now, once I revoked the smart contract access from my wallet and instantly one new guy (+49 17693705913) started messaging me on whatsapp, asking me why did I revoke the access and that they have been waiting for me to deposit the 10% money to my wallet. They asked me to deposit immediately and to scan the QR code again since I revoked the previous added access and they kept on insisting that as soon as this is completed that he will transfer my funds. I declined it and I told him that I will report to police and file cases, however he seems unmoved by these. He even said go and report them and he doesn't care about all those.

Please let me know the actions I can take against these fraudsters. I really don’t want to let them escape this easily especially with our hard-earned money. I am based outside UK. Also, let me know if there’s a way to recover my funds.

I can share the photos/videos of the Chinese lady here, if it meets the community guidelines, at least that way community will know for sure to stay away from this Chinese lady if she approaches anyone of you.
this is bad i have lost thousands of dollars as well with this love scam beware
Han-forex is now
They keep on doing the same frauds.
I'll tell my bad experience with them soon.
Han-forex is now
They keep on doing the same frauds.
I'll tell my bad experience with them soon.
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