Hopefully i'm doing this right this time lol. I'm summiting a case against AAoptions


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I am submitting my case on this thread against: www.aaoption.com/trading/

My Case is: I Deposited money into the Binary option company AAoptions for hopes of growing a Investment with that companying using a Long term investment called Hedge Funds but as i decided the Suspicious Activities got worsened Due to the online chat Compliance gave out Excuses after Excuses Notifications after notifications. I then decided to quit my Manager Broker Ben Walker to get my funds out of my account, They wern't allowing me to do this neither take my funds out even after i choosed to withdraw, all i could see was pending pending.. they then notified the accountent and i recieved the phone called 3/2/16 Superviser under the name of Daniel De Silva to place my funds back into my account and buy out the oil trade yes i saw my funds back into the account, and i was told to sigh a Traders Declaration after that i was informed i would recieve my funds back into my acccount nothing happened, he left that day and i couldn't get back in touch with him so i called another women named sky one of the help adviser of their so called Compliance team she reassured me nothing but broken words explaining to me i had to first Vertify a Traders Declaration history properly by placing a Signiture on each date of Each Transaction with the amount i deposited, so i did exactly that, she then said it had all been processed and notified and that i would recieve my money after the Finance department would clarify and sent me a email.
I waited and waited but No email!.. I still didn't recieve my money later on that day nor Today and i'm still waiting. I tried calling them up they hang up every single time and started to ignore the phone calls everytime and I had wasted 4 pounds doing so, they keep on ignoring the phone calls or they were going to transfer me and never did so i got put into this music theme To wait for nothing untill my money runs out basically. Even the Live help chat kept telling me i'd be notified notified but nothing happens. Please can you can help me get my rightious money of 2200.10. British pound I was suppose to have it tooken out on 1/2/2016 that's when i found out something wasn't right with them.

*Any Senior can help advise away i can my funds back?*

Thank you for your patience in dealing with this matter for me

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder: www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/conversations/summiting-a-filed-case-to-the-fpa.13040/#message-14584

Review is submitted by Marco on 02/09/16

The company was first contacted about the issue on 02/01/16, the last contact was on 02/03/16

Details: Reassuring me i would Recieve my Funds after finishing the process of the Traders Declaration doing this and not recieving a email from the Finance department and not being able to withdraw all my funds back into my account

Company representatives' emails:
Anna Broks <annab@aaoptions.com>
Ben Walker <ben.w@aaoptions.com>

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Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat.
I found out by another investor company who help in Retriving money from Scammers such as these.
There is no way i am going to make my profits i made with AAOptions aren't i?
I'm not going to be able withdrawl my profits i made with AAOptions if there are a well knowned Scammed Website correct?
I'm not going to be able withdrawl my profits i made with AAOptions if there are a well knowned Scammed Website correct?

Count me as another victim of the AAOption Fraud squad. To show you how immoral and heartless these AAOption scam agents are (Tom Lewis, Victor Donovan, David Lawrence...probably phony names also-- just as they all are). I was just out of the hospital after heart surgery, and I was fooled by these pricks, believing their (fake) compassion towards my plight was actually sincere. Even as I was without a source of income these AAOption scammers actually had no qualms whatsoever to trick me into investing even more funds into their boiler room scam operation. I've been waiting to just get back my deposited funds ($1260 usd) from this AAOption scam ,but like everyone else reporting here, I just get the same run around. I won't just sit back and let these scamming vermin pray on me, so I have lodged complainants with VISA Int'l ; CySEC; ActionFraud UK, and more to come along with public posting such as this to alert other unwitting victims. These guys are smooth as silk and very persuasive...true "CON"(fidence) men. They are heartless and soulless creeps so all are well forewarned to stay clear of them! AAOption is a big scam and GTOptions is another similar scam operation to avoid as well...same Modus Operandi!


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How, when, and how much did you deposit?

Hi...Assuming you are addressing me. I deposited $1260.00 total . ($1010. on Oct.13 2015) and ($250.00 on Oct.21). I'm just trying to get my deposited funds (only) back from these shysters...thanks