Hotforex has blown my account


On thursday 3 august I had $ 913,48, open positions and winning big. On evening my money was disappeared and I had only $ 5,10. I wrote to them and here is their reply, that obviously doesn't convince me at all.

"Dear Client,
Thank you for your email.
Kindly note that after investigating your request, we have concluded that your Trading Account 2008024 was correctly stopped out due to the market moving against you".

Then there is a list of all the transactions and they close the email with these words:

"Please note that for Micro Accounts, the Stop Out level is at 10%. As you can see, once your Margin Level dropped below 10%, your trades were stopped out.
Due to significant and fundamental news announcement yesterday concerning all GBP pairs, the market moved against your positions and you were stopped out".

Now I hope in a settlement of this case. If not, I will consider other ways


Lt. Colonel
I deposited via Skrill, but wrote them I opened a case here on FPA
Good that you already wrote them that you have a thread opened here. You can also send one reminder to them on Monday about your thread and send them an invitation.