HOTFOREX License and Account Closure Issue


I want to inform all the FPA members here "Today I got a revert from FSC saying that HF MARKETS LTD is fully registered under them " Whatever HF represntative said here is true i.e about GBOT exchange membership.

I also agree with their account closure decision as I also check it with other broker too.HF Markets Ltd already given my last deposit at the time of closing account.

Thanks to all FPA member who invest their time for my post and share their opinon,;)
It would be nice of you to apologize for doubting for some of the senior members around and even for the whole integrity of FPA.


Highly Suspicious Person
they did same to me . closed mine account refunded me money but closed mine open trades also so i missed for getting profits on that trades .that trades where in which i would got so so many pips.
mine mistake was to argue them on chat and sending them emails aboutn mine problems and posting in public so they closed mine account and told u cant be our client.


I have open an account when my husband also trading with hotforex.but when i cam to know that my husband account has been close my them without any reason .i decided not to deposit anymore with them and try luck on existing money.When I start making money,they even close my account without any reason.
so is husband is banned can wife trade without any problem or whole family is banned from hotforex . i want to know that. also if husband had bad experience wife should also immediately requested for refunds and tell them to close the account why wife not closed the account .